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Track your orgasms and make them better.

With the power of precision sensors, biofeedback, and AI-guidance using the Lioness Smart Vibrator and the free accompanying app.

Learn about how to have your best sex life with the power of pleasure data.

This is your smarter, better orgasm

Lioness is the only vibrator in the WORLD that can show you your own orgasms so that you can learn to make them better.

See what factors make your orgasm better or worse: coffee, wine, stress, diet, partners, and more.

After all, as the old saying goes, “never measured, never improved!”

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"Hands down, Lioness is one of the most useful and pleasurable toys I’ve ever used."

"It’s by far the smartest and most useful sex toy I’ve ever owned."

"... [Before using Lioness], we hadn't talked about my satisfaction that openly and frankly before."

"For good measure, I also tracked one of my orgasms with the Lioness, a biofeedback tracking smart vibrator."

"The Lioness company also takes privacy and security very seriously and are a model of doing things right."

"Science and Vaginas? I'm sold."

Conduct your own “personal” research aided by precision sensors, biofeedback, and AI guidance.

Track your sessions over time using the free Lioness app.

Over 30,000 orgasms (and counting!)

Meticulously made by badass women engineers, designers, health care experts, and dreamers. Lioness brings patented technology never before seen outside of research labs.

We're changing the vibrator game.

We both grew up in conservative families where we never talked about sex, so we had a lot of questions and few answers. We realized MOST people felt the same way.

We're here to change that. Our mission is to provide access to knowledge of your own sexual pleasure on your own terms and destigmatize the taboos around it.

Oh, and make a damn, great vibrator to top it off. ;)