The Many Benefits of Masturbation Part 1

Masturbation: it’s a natural, healthy, and fun way to experience your sexuality. Yet many women don’t fully take advantage of this, with women on average masturbating less than their male counterparts. That’s why for this Masturbation Month, we at Lioness are highlighting some of the best reasons to take a solo visit downstairs!

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Lioness Celebrates International Women's Day


Today is March 8, International Women’s Day. It’s an important day for everyone, and that includes us.

Lioness is made by almost all women, but more importantly the reason we all care so much about what we’re doing is that we are here to help women. All too often women’s voices are ignored, pushed to the side, or demeaned, but this company wouldn’t exist without women’s voices, whether they be the voices behind the scenes or the voices of those supporting us. We know that nothing precious would exist without women’s voices.

We’re inspired every day by women across the world, and one day is too little time to acknowledge them. Let’s make it a good day. So know that on International Women’s Day, Lioness stands with you, whether you’re celebrating, participating in A Day Without A Woman, or any variation therein.



The Lioness Team

How Florida, sunblock, and pools make our vibrators better: Anna's Manufacturing Update #5

“So…how do you test your vibrators?” my bartender leaned in with a sly smirk. “We do a lot of user testing!” I smiled as I slid off the barstool with my two drinks. Here’s the thing, I cannot stop thinking about that interaction all weekend.  Why? Because that answer is only part of the entire answer. I missed my opportunity nerd out and shut down any bow-chika-wow-wow thought he had in his head about how we test vibrators. Dang it. So I’m writing another post to redeem myself and in the chance he might read this. Hey you, bartender with the tattoo sleeve and nose ring (I just described 90% of the hipster population, I know) here is my real answer:

Kegels: Why We Should Stop Straining

Hey everyone! We’re pleased to introduce Rachel Gelman, our pal and licensed pelvic floor therapist based in San Francisco, who's talking about kegel exercises this week. With so much information out there about kegels as a sexual "game-changer," Rachel talks about what people aren't discussing when it comes to exercising our pelvic floor muscles. -Betsy

Now with better, stronger vibes: Anna’s Manufacturing Update #2

Hey Lioness Pride!

I’m excited (someone mentioned I should say “I’m buzzin’ with excitement,” but I’ll refrain) to announce we decided to upgrade our motor! It’s a much, much stronger vibration that gives Lioness a wider range of vibrations you can choose from.

We originally had a nice and strong motor that is used in a lot of higher-end vibrators on the market. This new one though, oh my gosh you guys and gals, it's even better. This one has a really nice, deep, rumble-y vibration. It's amazing. Just check out the difference in the gifs!