Monica and Maggie's Lioness App Update!

Hi everyone! Monica and Maggie here. As this is our first blog post, I guess we need to introduce ourselves. Monica is the designer on the team and Maggie is the developer. So we decided to team up to give you the first app update!

What's in the app

Based on everyone’s feedback, we have three main components right now.

  1. Data: Obviously, everyone’s most excited about this—we will have a blog post in the future going into this in more detail and the science behind what we’re doing.
  2. Polls: Fun, anonymous polls that 1) lets you know what other people think about interesting questions on sex/sexuality, and 2) create the ability to connect your data to deeper information over time.
  3. Q&A/Community: We got feedback that sometimes, people want to ask questions of experts… or just see if anyone else has experienced what they have. This is still a work-in-progress, but we’re planning on adding some sort of easy-to-use, but as private-as-you-want interface for doing this.
It's happening

It's happening

What we're trying to do

Our goal is to create an experience that is tailored to various types of users— whether you’ve used your fair share of vibrators or if the Lioness is your first one. Through a series of interviews and feedback sessions, we’ve been able to learn more about the specific features that different users would like to see. Because everyone is different, we want to deliver a highly-customizable experience that gives you a comprehensive understanding of your progress. 

Customization begins with your first interaction with the app

We’ve built customization right into the app. You’ll be able to control what you see on your home page, only follow community posts you’re interested in, and pick and choose which insights you want the app to focus on. 

Make the app behave exactly as you want it to

Make the app behave exactly as you want it to

We’ve done our best to keep flexibility and customizability in mind during the coding and programming of the app. We’ll be able to push out new features quickly and often. With a codebase that’s designed for flexibility, I can basically remake the app in the vision of the users. We have put a lot of thought into the design of the app, going through different iterations every month or so, which has prepared us to tear down what’s not working and remake something new quickly and efficiently. The important thing to remember here is that the app is for you, so we want to give you as much control as we can. If you see something you don’t like or have an idea for how to make something better, tell us!

Maggie in her natural state: coding and wearing flannel

Maggie in her natural state: coding and wearing flannel

The more you use the app the more awesome it gets! (No, really)

This app is going to grow with you. Not only will we keep changing it to fit your needs, the more it learns about you, the better it will be. While you may see somewhat generalized insights upon your first or second use, after using the app for, say, a month, we'll be able to have insights that have been specified to you and your needs. 

Talk to us!

We want this to be healthy, fun, and informative process. We’re working on other features like daily quizzes to help you learn more about yourself and also be inspired to try out something new. If you have any suggestions for specific features you want to see, feel free to let us know!