Shirts, sweatshirts, and other cool swag!

After the previous newsletter, a lot of people asked whether we're going to sell Lioness shirts, sweatshirts, and other cool stuff. We heard you, so we're looking into it!

The main factor is that making and shipping shirts (or anything else) can get costly pretty quickly, especially if it's in smaller quantities. We want to offer you cool stuff that you want at reasonable prices while focusing on making some awesome vibrators.

If you're interested in shirts (or sweatshirts, or other cool stuff with Lioness on it), we want to know what you'd love the most. Popular items may appear in our upcoming crowdfunding campaign!

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Thanks again for everyone's support, and enjoy the holidays! Here's to many exciting things happening in 2016. :)

Liz and the Lioness (formerly SmartBod) team