April Articles on Sex and Women's Health

We've had a lot of conversations with individual subscribers who've emailed us now, and one thing that always fascinates them is the sort of articles and research we come across all the time working on SmartBod. Given this, we thought it'd be interesting to periodically share highlights with the broader subscriber list, instead of just the individuals who reach out to us.

This is new territory for us, so let us know what you think (if you love or hate it), and if we should keep doing these along with our periodic company updates. Also, if there's something you think is fascinating and others should know about, you can let us know here.


This is what your brain looks like during an orgasm.

The exciting intersection of neuroscience and orgasms. There has been a lot of exciting research in this field, and still much more we can learn from it.

Here's what young women really think about masturbating.

Nisheeth TV went out to the streets in New Delhi to have a frank conversation with women about self pleasure. "It's a basic human need. It's very natural. Who doesn't?"

Redefining Sex and Gender.

Research in biology shows that sex is far more complex than we could imagine. An individual could carry body XX and XY chromosomes within their own body depending on the cell and tissue -- and they may never know about it. How might this redefine society's perception of gender in the future?


Indonesia is about to start producing a male birth control pill that will change the world.
Coconuts Jakarta

A herb in Indonesia has been used by local tribes for centuries as an effective male contraceptive. After over 30 years of studies and research (and 99.96% effectiveness in research studies so far), Indonesia is on track for production and export next year. While it'll still take a while for other countries to be able to carry it, pharmaceutical companies in United States and China have "shown a strong interest in carrying the rights to produce the drug in their countries."

We should have a better condom right now. Here's why we don't.

A deep dive into the history of condoms, current regulation (primarily in the United States), exciting new products in development, and what's stopping them from going to market.