Next Monday May 11th: Q&A with Sexuality Researcher Jennifer Rubin!

I'm excited to announce our next Q&A, this time with sexuality research psychologist Jennifer Rubin from the University of Michigan (and also a Cal alum, for you Berkeley readers out there!).

Read more about her background below. You can submit questions anonymously (link closed) between now and Monday May 11th by 9am PST.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Rubin is a personality and social psychologist specializing in gender and sexuality research. A Bay Area native, she holds a BA in Psychology & Gender Studies from UC Berkeley and an MA in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University. She is currently pursuing a dual doctorate degree in Personality and Social Contexts Psychology and Women’s Studies at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Her research broadly focuses on how LGBQ adolescents and emerging adults experience the world around them, gender differences in sexual behaviors and attitudes, sexual desire and entitlement to pleasure, and the role of communication technologies in establishing a sense of self during adolescence.

This time, the interview won't be live and will be released online to be viewed anytime about a week after I sit down to talk with her. If you'd rather see some of these in-person or on livestream in the future (like our first interview with sex researcher Sarah Merrill), please let me know!

Missed our first Q&A with sex researcher Sarah Merrill?

Watch it here! Pick the questions that are most interesting to you, or watch it from beginning to end.

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