Ever wonder how vibrators are made? Anna's Manufacturing Update #1

Hi Lioness Pride! 

James and I are back from our first China & Hong Kong trip for Lioness. Woohoo! We were greeted with lovely rain in 100% humidity. Luckily, I picked up this awesome Gudetama umbrella from 7-11 because I am an adult. (Anyone else into Gudetama? I’M OBSESSED. Someone please talk to me about how cool this lazy egg is) 

James's photo-taking skills: B-

James's photo-taking skills: B-

Anyways, you might be wondering what we were doing in China and Hong Kong: we met with a couple of potential suppliers and most importantly, we visited the place where we will manufacture Lioness and met the wonderful team there. 

Why China?

Over a year ago, we began our lengthy discussions about where we wanted to manufacture our first batch. There’s a lot of pros and cons on being overseas vs local. We talked to so many experts and mentors about each. We knew China had the expert domain knowledge and great manufacturing infrastructure, especially in the vibrator industry. Plus, having the experience of going to China for my previous engineering job at Amazon made me feel at ease that I could do this. However, what really nailed it for us was meeting our current manufacturer. They’re. Fanastic. They easily checked off our high level requirements: clean work environment, no animal testing, 100% body-safe materials and silicone, diligence for every product coming off the line, and strong ability to ship on time.  

What matters to us

We chose our manufacturer not only because they are extremely knowledgeable in bringing ideas to production, but they also take their social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. When we visited the facility, it definitely showed. The working conditions were exceptional: everyone was over the minimum working age, multiple stretch and meal breaks, and low turnover rates. They were even loudly bumping music at their work station, something I’ve never seen allowed at other places! My favorite of all is that the program manager we are working closely with is a strong woman who knows how to get things done like a true boss. 

What now?

Our ship date is coming up soon so we’re working really hard to make that happen. There will definitely be more China trips in the future for me to make sure we set up a smooth production line. Right now, we are working with our manufacturer to figure out how to make our product DFM ready (design for manufacturing). I'm also working on devising testing protocols for every Lioness that comes off the line as well as every single component inside each Lioness vibrator to make sure everything we ship can be held to a high quality standard. I promise to continue working hard to make the Lioness vibrators a reality! :) 

 At 2:30am taking conference calls from US time zones. Infinite eye bags and dark circles.

 At 2:30am taking conference calls from US time zones. Infinite eye bags and dark circles.

Until next time!