We break down a Hello Kitty vibrator...while drinking sake.

New video!! Hello Kitty was surprisingly difficult to teardown. It was also unexpectedly difficult to shoot because we had to move locations mid-teardown. It was worth it though, and I hope you find this fun to watch!

There's nothing more nostalgic than breaking down a vibrator with your favorite childhood icon on it. Anna and I wanted to give you the first glimpse of what is inside the infamous Hello Kitty vibrator (while taking sake shots, of course).

One more thing...

Lastly, the sex researcher we previously interviewed (Sarah Merrill) has a new study and is looking for participants. Here is the link to the study, and more details below!


"I am doing a study at Cornell on the kind of people we choose for our partners and what can influence that choice. The study is pretty fun - mostly just questions about yourself and your ideal partner - and is about a half hour long.

I would really, really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to participate! I'm also happy for any feedback you may have.

Thank you!"