Lioness Gives Up Primary Business, Launches Smart Cat Toy

In response to obvious market demand and the advice of their investors, Lioness has announced that they will be pivoting their core product and introducing the world's first smart cat toy with the same name as before.

Introducing Lioness: The World's First Smart Cat Toy

Introducing Lioness: The World's First Smart Cat Toy

The Lioness is designed to vibrate at multiple speeds which give it the illusion of moving. “I’ve heard one too many stories about kitties becoming easily bored with cat toys” CEO Liz Klinger said. “We created this toy to make sure that cats will always be mentally and emotionally stimulated.”


  • Ergonomic design for kitty to enjoy.
  • Tracks kitty's physiological patterns to learn more about kitty's likes, dislikes, and things it doesn't know how to tell you.
  • Shoots lasers for more kitty fun anytime, anywhere.
  • Calms kitty when anxious.
  • 3-speeds of intense vibrations that unleash your kitty's natural instincts.

Studies show that kitties who receive regular stimulation with battery-operated toys are more perky and improves their overall wellbeing. Veterinarian Betty Dogson praised the Lioness by saying, “Everyone who has a cat should have one of these. Better stimulated cats make the whole world better!”

"It was tough to move from an issue that's near and dear to my heart, but when we looked at the financials, the social acceptance of cat toys, and the potential of smart cat toys revolutionizing how we take care of our kitties, there was irrefutable evidence that we should shift our focus to something America is O.K. with talking about."

"They don't like talking about one kind of kitty, but they sure like talking about another kind of kitty. And that's kitty cats."

A design cooperation with the folks over at Thanks for your amazing work (and your amazing cat!).

Also, thank you to KitTea in San Francisco for their time and for being awesome! All of the cats there are up for adoption if you're looking for a kitty with your new Lioness cat toy.