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Ever wonder what an orgasm looks like?

Ever wonder what your orgasm looks like?

Art, sex, and science meet at this year’s Mothership Festival with a festival-wide orgasm experiment run by the sexual health explorers at Lioness.

Join your fellow festival goers in this innovative exploration of female sexuality. All you need is the Lioness Vibrator and a little ~exploration~ of your own.

Together we can create something big (and pleasurable)



Learn how Lioness is taking personal exploration to the next level


Be a part of this interactive, festival-wide orgasm art experience!


1. Get your Lioness Vibrator**

and enjoy 10% off with discount code: MOTHERSHIP

2. Use it

before or during the Mothership Festival

3. Tag your session with "Mothership" + Your Name (or any unique identifier)

Using the Lioness App (available on iOS and Android). Tag your name so that you and we can pick your orgasm out from the crowd!

4. Enjoy the festival as we turn your orgasms into a community art experience!

Join us at the Lioness workshop on Saturday at 3pm where we will take a deep dive into the female orgasm before an interactive exploration of our festival participants' very own orgasms.


**Not ready to purchase your Lioness Vibrator? 

That's ok! We still want you to participate.

For a small fee, you can masturbate in style and comfort using the designated Mothership community vibrator (don't worry, we'll have disposable barriers and our disinfecting methods are legit) in our Lioness Vibration Masturbation Station (patent pending).

Stop by our tent during the festival to reserve your time slot!



What's your orgasm type? 

Orgasm type = distinct patterns of pelvic floor movements during orgasm

Modern research has identified 3 orgasm patterns. But guess what - we're already discovering more.

With the Lioness Vibrator, you can learn your pattern and join us in our journey to discover even more.

Stop by the Lioness tent during the festival to get your very own O-Type pin and identify your fellow orgasm comrades!

Don't have your Mothership Festival tickets, but want to take part in this experiment?

It's not too late!

Learn more about the Mothership Festival here