Lioness Research Platform

Participate in groundbreaking sex studies from the comfort of your home.

Did you know that one of the most "cutting edge" studies on physiological arousal and orgasm for people with vaginas is a study from the 1980s that included only 11 participants?

Let's change that together. Participate in studies from the comfort of your home that could revolutionize our understanding of sexual wellness, behavior, and health—and maybe learn a new thing or two about yourself in the process—all from the comfort of your home.

The women-led team at Lioness—the inventors of the first and only smart vibrator that uses biofeedback, precision sensors, and pleasure data to help people learn more about their own arousal and orgasms—have launched the first-of-its-kind Lioness Sex Research Platform.

How does the platform work?

Any person who has a Lioness Biofeedback Vibrator can participate. You can opt in by pressing the button at the top of your Lioness App in Learn > Research Platform.

By opting in, you are consenting that you would like to participate in research on the platform, are willing to share your Lioness sensor data with vetted researchers, and are interested in completing additional surveys in the future. You may opt out at any time.

To participate in most studies, you may need to answer additional questions or provide additional demographic information. If you opt in, we will notify you when new research projects are available. You can also sign up via SMS to be notified of specific upcoming studies.

After opting in, you will go to the Upcoming Studies page where you can see which studies are coming up or in progress, requirements, who is running it, and sign up to receive updates on signups and progress for individual studies.

To participate in each study you need to explicitly opt in. Most studies require additional information beyond the biofeedback data provided by the Lioness Vibrator, so there may be additional surveys or instructions with each study that are conducted by the researchers.

Current and upcoming studies

Pelvic Floor Muscles, Orgasm, and Device Validation

Pleasure and Menopause (In-progress)

Quick FAQ

1. I'm in! How do I participate?

Opt in by pressing the button at the top of your Lioness App in Learn > Research Platform. You'll get a notification that you're in! You may opt out at any time.

2. If I opt in, what data is shared?

By opting in, the data that will be shared with vetted researchers are sensor data (force sensor, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope), date, timezone, vibration levels, tags, and notes. By default you are opted out, which means no data is shared. The data Lioness collects is de-identified and anonymous, so researchers (and the Lioness company) do not know whose data is whose.

Additionally, sometimes different research projects will require additional information beyond the data Lioness collects as listed above — many projects require demographic information that Lioness does not collect.

You can check what the researcher needs and make sure you approve of the requirements before signing up.

3. What if I do not want to participate?

Every user is by default opted-out of all medical and academic research. You need to proactively opt in to individual research projects in order to share your Lioness data and any other requirements a researcher may need.

4. I'm a researcher who'd like to do a project on the platform with other users. How do I reach out?

Get in touch! Some of these first research projects are created by people who were Lioness users first as well. :) You can also visit the Researcher FAQ page to get a sense of how it works and what kinds of questions you could ask other users.