Better information leads to better sex. It’s that simple.

The Lioness Vibrator can shed light on even the most subtle body cues to improve your sex life. Designed, tested, and perfected over nearly half a decade by a brilliant women-led team, the Lioness features a unique technology never before seen outside of research labs.

1. Smart Sensing

Host to a suite of specially designed sensors, the Lioness’ advanced biometric sensing technology accurately identifies and charts out your sexual responses, including orgasms*!

* If you had one. Everyone is different, and orgasms are not always indicative of pleasure.

To capture something as unique as your body’s sexual response, the Lioness builds a visual profile of the entire experience by measuring three variables, pelvic floor force, motion, and temperature.

2. Smart Insights

Lioness’ advanced technology translates your body’s experience into a readable pattern. It’s your own personal sexual data, entirely encrypted and private.

A vibrator designed for self-exploration, the Lioness gives you the agency to understand your body in a new way. The power is in your hands, so start exploring!

3. Smart Learning

It gets better. Every session is a step closer to discovering something new! Always learning, the Lioness is frequently updated with new features.

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