Can a Lioness vibrator actually help me have better sex/better orgasms and understand my sexuality?

We know, numbers, data, charts: sounds like the least sexy way to explore your sexuality, ever. But we’ve found that removing some of the “sexiness” from sex actually helps people learn about, understand, and communicate their sexuality.

Don’t just take our word for it! Cornell University Sex Researcher Sarah Merrill explains the science behind it: “Interoception — the psychological awareness of physical cues also known as a mind-body connection — is a concept in psychology that has been shown to increase well-being and motivation. Having this physiological feedback to pair with psychological sensations may help to increase mind-body awareness, sexually and holistically.” (didn’t think you’d open up your email and learn a new psychology term today, eh?)


What kind of information can I learn?

The possibilities go as far as your imagination and curiosity, but here are a few examples of questions women are already answering with their Lioness:

  • What is my orgasm type?
  • How long do I usually take to reach orgasm?
  • How do I react differently to internal and external stimulation?
  • What does my arousal curve look like?
  • What makes one experience better than another?
  • How much foreplay do I usually need?
  • How can I improve my technique?
  • How does my menstrual cycle impact my sex drive?


Ok so the vibrator is a cool piece of technology, but is it a good vibrator?

Ohhh yeah ;) So much thought, care and research went into the design of this vibrator - from the non-intimidating size to the body-conforming clitoral stimulator. The Lioness vibrator is made from top-quality, medical-grade materials, all the features you expect from a luxury vibrators, PLUS “smart” features you can only get with us, such as adjustable vibration strength and even a travel lock (we learned the hard way).


How long does the battery last?

Between 2 hours to 16 hours(!!!), depending on if you want lots of vibes, little vibes, or no vibes. Between the long battery life and the battery warning lights, you should never have to worry about that disappointing moment when your battery dies mid-session.


What is the vibrator made of?

100% body-safe silicone. The only other exposed materials are a temperature sensor—stainless steel, same as with medical devices—and hard plastic for the button panel. The latter is never inserted, but we're still using safe, highly-inert material.


What do you mean by water resistant?

The Lioness vibrator is completely waterproof in basically all reasonable circumstances (e.g. washing in the sink, shower). However, different countries have different requirements around what constitutes “waterproof.” You'll be able to take a bath with it, but probably not scuba dive with it.


Is my data stored securely and kept confidential?

Absolutely. We thought about privacy and security from the beginning for this product. You are the only one who can access your individual data. Everything is encrypted and we fully anonymize the data. Our guiding principle—like for the vibrator's design itself—is we treat your data the same way we would want our own to be treated (because we use the Lioness too!!)


How big is the vibrator (what are the dimensions)?

Compared to other vibrators of this style, the first Lioness is on the smaller end because we found from user feedback that more people were looking for a smaller, less intimidating, and less uncomfortable vibrator.


Where is the vibrating motor?

There is one vibrating motor in the external stimulation nub. We us the space in the shaft of the vibrator (the part used for internal stimulation) to store the sensors and extend the battery life.


How quiet is the vibration?

On a scale from a happy cat's soft purr that you can only really hear if you feel it too to your phone vibrating in a bucket of nails next to your pillow while you're trying to sleep, Lioness is a 3 (very scientific scale). In all seriousness, the Lioness vibrator has a very strong motor that when compared to other vibrators of comparable strength is relatively very quiet. Furthermore, you can adjust the strength of your vibrator to your fancy, on a scale from 0 to 100. The stronger the vibration, the louder it gets, so you can adjust the vibration strength to suit your situation (parents in town? turn it down). 


Wait...will there be bluetooth in my vagina? 

Nope. We know that there are a lot of people who don’t like the idea of bluetooth being on while in use, so we made it so bluetooth automatically turns off when you use it.


What kind of lube can you use with it? 

We recommend using a water-based lube. We know that water-based lubricants work with our vibrator. There may be some other lubes out there that are safe to use, but the formulations are too varied for us to be 100% certain of every single one on the market. If you’re uncertain about a non-water-based lubricant, it’s probably better not to test it. We’ve already broken a few vibrators experimenting with other types of lubricant, including a 2-in-1 massage oil :’(


How does the vibrator work? 

Though it looks and feels like a standard vibrator, the Lioness vibrator integrates four sensors (temperature, motion, and pressure) to accurately chart out your sexual arousal curve, show you how you moved the vibrator, and even identify your orgasm! Your app uses the raw data collected wirelessly from your vibrator to show you your data and provide you with insights to help you understand your body. The app’s insights are based on decades of sex research, input from professionals, as well as our very own research. And the insights will only get better as we learn more!


What does “upgradeable firmware” even mean?

For those of us non-techie people out there (myself very much included), upgradeable firmware means you’re buying a vibrator that will get better over time, upgradeable with options and features that we haven’t even thought of yet! Just like you update an app on your phone, you can update the Lioness Vibrator itself.


When will my Lioness ship? 

Your Lioness will arrive at your doorstep within 2 - 8 business days of purchasing. However, once these run out (we are over 80% sold out), you will have to wait until this winter to get yours!


Will the shipping be discreet? 

Definitely. We have some awesome packaging that you will enjoy, but everything will be discreetly packaged in a plain brown box — your coworkers will be none the wiser ;)


How much will customs cost when I ship to Canada? 

Canadian shipments are no problem for us! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that, depending on your region and local import fees, you should expect to pay between $10-35 USD in import customs fees. You can find more information at the Canada Border Services Agency's website.


More questions?

We're always down to answer any questions you have! Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]