Revolutionary Technology Made User-Friendly


Use it like you would any other rabbit-style vibrator—nothing special needed!


Download the session from the vibrator by syncing on the free app.

(As a rule, all data operations are ONLY triggered by deliberate user actions—like explicitly hitting the sync button here!)


Explore patterns, track sessions with notes and tags. Learning has never been this pleasurable.

A look into our biofeedback technology

We perfected every detail of the technology, design, and materials for over half a decade. The result? The world's first smart vibrator specifically designed for experimenting and learning from the comfort of your own home.

Through harnessing technology never before seen outside of research labs, you now have the tools to take learning about your pleasure into your own hands.

Force Sensors

Pelvic floor movements (e.g. vaginal contractions) are the best indicators found in research for arousal and orgasm.

Accelerometer & Gyroscopes

The same kind of sensors you have in your modern smartphone. Built-in motion sensors let you see how you used the vibrator during your session. (A lot of cool visualizations are on the way for this!)

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors allow for automatic recording triggering and tracking of core body temperature over time

Learning, exploring, and igniting curiosity

A lot has changed about the world since the 1980s, but a lot of our physiological understanding of sexual pleasure seems stuck in that era. Together, we’re hoping to change that with Lioness.

Even at this early stage, reviews from our customers have reported that they understand their sex drive better and have become more curious—with feedback from the vibrator’s vaginal contraction and positioning sensors, they can try things and immediately see how their body reacts. Click here to learn more about how people have explored their pleasure with the Lioness.

It's like a Fitbit for your personal sexual health.

Visualize your Pleasure

Use Lioness like a normal vibrator, then link it to your smartphone to see what your orgasm or session looks like.

Experiment and See What Changes 

Use the app like a personal diary to write notes about each experience, so over time you can start seeing how your pleasure changes from a variety of factors such as stress, stimulants (wine, coffee, medication), sleep (or lack of), or anything else you think might affect your sex drive and response.

Your Data, Your Rules

Data and privacy-wise, everything is encrypted and we fully anonymize the data—internally we don’t even know who is who. Our guiding principle is that we treat your data the same way we would want our own to be treated.

Click here to learn more about our stance on privacy and security.

Therapist & Researcher Backed

Dr. Michael Krychman

 OBGYN, clinical sexual counselor, & Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship

"Sexuality is multi-faceted, but one of the most important factors is understanding your own body well. Lioness is the only device tailor built to support this purpose."

Sarah Merrill, PhD

Sex Researcher at Cornell University

"The fact is, female pleasure has been far more elusive than male pleasure. [Lioness] could provide a service to women by addressing a large gap in the knowledge and practice of female sexuality."

Jaclyn Friedman

Writer, Educator and Activist. Author of Unscrewed, Yes Means Yes, and What You Really ReallyWant

"Beyond the personal power of self-knowledge, the Lioness has the potential to change the field of sex research writ large..."