• Making Science Sexy Again

    Lioness technology has its roots in research from the 20th century, including that of renowned innovators Masters & Johnson

    Unfortunately we haven't seen many significant advancements in female sexuality research since the 1980s.

    Our mission is to provide avenues for women to better understand themselves and work with researchers to finally bring our understanding of female sexuality into the 21st century.

Revolutionary technology made user-friendly

You don't need to be a genius to use our smart vibrator.

Become an expert in your sexuality in 3 easy steps:


A look into our biofeedback technology

Inside Lioness Vibrator
  • Force:
    Pelvic Floor patterns signal arousal and orgasm
  • Temperature:
    Signals the start of a masturbation session
  • Movement:
    Speeds and angles to learn your pace and style

The Lioness uses these sensors to map out your arousal and orgasm.

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  • The more you know, the better it gets

    We're always changing, so there's always room to learn more about ourselves. We’ve found that in life, and especially sex, almost nothing is ever simple or straightforward.

    Lioness is here to help, with our revolutionary platform for self-experimentation.

  • Dear diary, today I came...

    Enjoy as you would any other (incredible) vibrator, and keep track of your sessions with your in-app sex diary.

    Keep the memories fresh by rating, tagging, and jotting down notes.

  • Visualize your pleasure

    The data is in your hands.

    See your sexual response and orgasm, and learn over time how you can change your future pleasure.

Based on Science, Backed by Researchers

We work with doctors, therapists, and researchers and base Lioness technology and innovation on the best past literature available. We're proud to have gotten extremely positive responses from researchers and are dedicated to help them do their necessary but often neglected work.

"The fact is, female pleasure has been far more elusive than male pleasure. [Lioness] could provide a service to women by addressing a large gap in the knowledge and practice of female sexuality."

— Sarah Merril, Sex Researcher at Cornell University

"Beyond the personal power of self-knowledge, the Lioness has the potential to change the field of sex research writ large. Most studies of female sexual response involve a relatively small number of participants for a short amount of time... By creating a system through which Lioness users could opt in to having their personal data anonymously collected and aggregated, Klinger and her collaborators can provide researchers like Chivers with a far more robust data set than they've ever been able to create or access before."

— Jaclyn Friedman, Writer, Educator and Activist. Author of Unscrewed, Yes Means Yes, and What You Really ReallyWant.