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We Made Revolutionary Technology Easy

as 1, 2, 3.

1. Have Fun

Have some fun like with any rabbit-style vibrator. The science magic is all happening behind the scenes!

2. Sync to App

Sync your vibrator on the Lioness app to download the session on your phone.

We take your privacy and data security very seriously.
Learn more on how we make that happen here.

3. See Smart Orgasms

Literally see your arousal and orgasms. See what made them better or worse, see how they change over time. Learning has never been this pleasurable!

You Can Literally See Your Orgasms

and figure out what makes them better or worse

Pelvic floor movements, like vaginal and/or anal muscles contracting and relaxing, are one of the best indicators for arousal and orgasms. The Lioness vibrator measures how your muscles are squeezing and relaxing when in use. When you sync the Lioness to your app, it displays the information in an easy-to-read chart to see how your arousal and orgasms may be changing over time.

Lioness gives you the power to self-experiment and see how different factors change your arousal and orgasms: mood, stress, alcohol, different partners, and more.   

Left:A typical, "normal" masturbation session. Right: A factor change during masturbation session.
Orgasms are highlighted in red.

Orgasms are highlighted in red.

How Does Our Technology Work?

The only vibrator that brings technology previously only used in research labs into your hands.

Lioness has sensors embedded on the insertable portion of the vibrator to measure pelvic floor movements, like vaginal and anal muscles, which is one of the best indicators for arousal and orgasms. During an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles typically have a rhythmic squeezing and relaxing pattern. 

Although the rhythmic pattern may stay the same, the strength and the length of an orgasm can change depending on different factors. Paired with the free Lioness app, you can keep track of what made your orgasms better, worse, or different to understand your body better and feel more confident.

It's like a Fitbit for your sexual pleasure and health!

Loved by Our Customers

Our customers are seeing how the Lioness improves their sex lives.


Had better orgasms and/or understood their  body better


Said Lioness helped improve their relationships and had more fun


enjoyed experimenting with different factors using the Lioness

Loved by Doctors, Therapists & Researchers

Dr. Michael Krychman

 OBGYN, clinical sexual counselor, & Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship

"Sexuality is multi-faceted, but one of the most important factors is understanding your own body well. Lioness is the only device tailor built to support this purpose."

Sarah Merrill, PhD

Sex Researcher at Cornell University

"The fact is, female pleasure has been far more elusive than male pleasure. [Lioness] could provide a service to women by addressing a large gap in the knowledge and practice of female sexuality."

Jaclyn Friedman

Writer, Educator and Activist. Author of Unscrewed, Yes Means Yes, and What You Really ReallyWant

"Beyond the personal power of self-knowledge, the Lioness has the potential to change the field of sex research writ large..."

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