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Why did you start Lioness?
Why a smart vibrator?

How it works

How does Lioness work?
Can a Lioness Vibrator actually helps me have better sex/better orgasms and understand my sexuality?
Is my data stored securely and kept confidentially?
So is what you're doing a replacement for what the Kinsey Institute or universities do?
Is it all about the orgasms?
Isn't the emotional component of sex important, too?
Can the Lioness also be used as a remote control vibrator?
Can I see my arousal and orgasm in real time?
Can I use Lioness for anal play? How is anal data different from vaginal data?

Other Common Product Questions

Okay, so the vibrator is a cool piece of technology, but is it a good vibrator?
How long does the battery last?
What is the vibrator made of?
What do you mean by water resistant?
How big is the vibrator (what are the dimensions)?
Where is the vibrating motor?
How quiet is the vibrator?
What kind of lube should I use?


Where is the Lioness available?
Do you offer express shipping?
How fast is the regular, free shipping?
Will the shipping be discreet?
How will this purchase show up on my credit card bill?
Canada shipping: All you need to know
Rest of the world


How does QuadPay work?
How do I enter a discount code?
My discount code isn't working properly! What can I do?

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