It's often easy to talk about sex and hard to talk about sexuality, especially for women.

What we enjoy or not and how it changes over time is a subject of taboo. It's an awkward topic to bring up with friends and family, and the societal discomfort around female sexuality makes it difficult to find reliable sources of information that we can comfortably and privately consult. Lioness (formerly SmartBod) is trying to change that.


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SmartBod is now lioness!

Happy December, it's been awhile!

We’ve been very busy at HQ and have a lot of news we’re super excited to share with you in the coming weeks. First, we have an important company announcement: starting today, our company and product will be known as Lioness.

Read on to learn more.


How does a Magic Wand work?

Anna and Liz crack open a Magic Wand vibrator (formerly called a Hitachi Magic Wand) to see how it works and what makes it a classic, go-to vibrator since the late 1960s. There may also be some wine.

Blog post with a detailed breakdown here.