Lioness Vibrator and App

"Nothing else like it"

The Lioness Vibrator uses unique technology never before seen outside of research labs to support self-experimentation, leading to better sex.

Discover things you never knew about your own, unique body—what you like, dislike, and would like but don't know yet.


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Pleasure with a purpose

It's not only, well, pleasurable. Pleasure is also essential for our self-confidence, happy relationships, and even our health.

But what works for one person may be radically different for someone else. Our sense of pleasure is as unique as we are, from foreplay to how we experience orgasms (if we have them). We haven't had many ways of exploring this—until now.

Lioness is a women-led team who's brought together some of the brightest and most rebellious artists and engineers to create new ways of exploring your own unique sexuality.

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When you think of items that boost women’s empowerment and self-esteem, you might not immediately think of a vibrator—but the Lioness vibrator is looking to change that.
— Glamour Magazine

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