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World's first smart sex toy. Revolutionary pleasure technology invented by women.

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Understand and experiment with your sexuality in an entirely new way with the power of technology and data.

The Lioness Vibrator
  • Science Made Sexy

    Data is worth a thousand words. Our revolutionary biofeedback technology translates your sexual experience into accessible visuals.

  • Designed Just For You

    Mindfully designed by smart women with half a decade of research behind every detail. Tried and tested by real people from all walks of life.

  • Lasting Battery Life

    Powerhouse battery life. Handy low battery indicator. USB rechargeable. It'll always be at the ready when you need it most.

  • Made With Love

    You deserve only the best. Made from 100% body-safe silken silicone and phthalate-free to give you the most luxurious experience possible.

  • See your own sexual response and orgasm

    Lioness uses unique biofeedback technology to give you a visual map of your unique sexual experience. It's pleasure you can see.

  • All your experiences at your fingertips

    Explore further. The Lioness app gives you the visual tools to experiment with your pleasure. Try new things, learn from your body's responses, and progress on your pleasure journey.

  • Designed to boost pleasure

    Beyond the revolutionary technology, every single detail of the Lioness was meticulously designed, prototyped, and tested with a variety of people.

    Lioness is not just another rabbit vibrator. A lightweight, non-intimidating size, the Lioness features a super flexible clitoral nub that conforms to any body for an experience that is uniquely yours. 

"Woman does lords work, makes smart vibrator."

— Gizmodo

"The vibrator of the future is here."


"When you think of items that boost women's empowerment and self-esteem, you might not immediately think of a vibrator—but the Lioness Vibrator is looking to change that."


"It can help start otherwise-tricky conversations."

Founded by women, based on science.

Drawing from decades of research and input from professionals, Lioness is a women-led team dedicated to creating new ways of exploring your own, unique body and broadening our understanding of sexuality.

Discoveries With Lioness

“If you’re like me, and working on a budget of boxed dinners and carpooling to work, you might be thinking, “is this product really worth the investment?” Let me tell you first hand, it’s worth its weight in gold!

"I am becoming more aware of just how long it takes to reach orgasm - a much shorter time than I thought - and that helps me relax a bit more during current sessions."

"This is the easiest way I've ever been able to get feedback about my body's physiological responses."

“I am spending much less time in the miasma of self-doubt and self-hate, because I am seeing some actual data that contradicts the self-critical bullshit in my head.

"Being forced to think more about my sexual life and my orgasmic response made me realize that I do not have to put up with a medicine if it was causing issues in my sexuality."

"It's given her an opportunity to explore herself...and it's brought us closer together as a couple."


How does it work?

The Lioness vibrator integrates a suite of sensors including pressure, motion, and temperature to accurately map out your own sexual response and even identify your orgasm!

The data drawn from our vibrator and app insights are based on decades of sex research and input from professionals.

What can I learn from using the Lioness?

Depends! What do you want to know about your pleasure?

The sky is the limit for introspection and self-experimentation. See our articles on how our users use the Lioness today—and know that we roll out new features all the time.

Is my data stored securely and kept confidentially?

Absolutely. We thought about privacy and security from the very beginning for this product. Everything is encrypted and we fully anonymize the data.

Our guiding principle for the vibrator's design itself is that we treat your data the same way we would want our own to be treated.