Make a good thing even better

Lioness gives you new ways to learn and explore your own body for better pleasure and health.

By putting the information in your hands, Lioness is giving you the tools to take control of your sexual health. Ultimately, we hope to empower women to learn about their own bodies and to break longstanding taboos around female sexuality.

Meet the lioness vibrator

  • Personalized feedback
  • Intuitive design
  • Made for and by women

Discover new things you never knew about your own, unique body — what you like, dislike, and would like but don't know yet.

Connect sexual health to the rest of your life.

Learn how your sexual health ties into other aspects of your life

With the interactive app, you can discover:

  • When you'll be most aroused during your cycle
  • How much foreplay you'll likely need with a partner
  • What you might like that you haven't tried yet
  • And more that we're just starting to discover


For Women. By Women. For Real.

It's often easy to talk about sex, but hard to talk about sexuality—especially for women. What we enjoy and how it changes is a taboo subject. It's awkward to bring up with friends and family. Society's discomfort around female sexuality makes it difficult to find reliable sources of information we can comfortably and privately consult. We believe that needs to change. Lioness is putting that information in your hands.

BTW: We also made a damn good vibrator

(if we do say so ourselves)

As a vibrator designed for women, by women, we didn’t want to leave anyone disappointed. Over 200 women (and counting!) gave us their input on developing the Lioness.


The beauty is in the details...

Although the Lioness may look like a common design to some people, upon closer inspection, we designed it quite differently to make the experience much, much better. Here are a few examples:

And that's just the beginning

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