A New Way to Know You

The Lioness Vibrator gives you new ways to explore your own body for better pleasure and health.

It looks like a normal vibrator, but inside it contains sensors that help you see your own body's sexual response (yes, including your orgasm).

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for women by women

It's often easy to talk about sex, but hard to talk about sexuality—especially for women. What we enjoy and how it changes is a taboo subject. It's awkward to bring up with friends and family. Society's discomfort around female sexuality makes it difficult to find reliable sources of information we can comfortably and privately consult.

We believe that needs to change. Lioness is putting that information in your hands.

How People Have Used Lioness


The Lioness is primarily a platform for self-exploration. How you decide to use your Lioness is up to you. Whether you have a question or are a curious person (or often both!) you can use Lioness to explore your body, how you experience pleasure, and how your experience can change over time.

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Orgasm Pattern Icons

What are orgasm patterns?

Not to be confused with different types of orgasms (clitoral, vaginal, blended — i.e. the method of how one may have an orgasm), an orgasm pattern is a rhythmic pattern of pelvic floor movements that occur during climax...

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When you think of items that boost women’s empowerment and self-esteem, you might not immediately think of a vibrator—but the Lioness vibrator is looking to change that.
— Glamour Magazine

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