Explore more, improve your sex life.

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A new way to know you

The Lioness Vibrator is your platform for exploring and improving your sex life, alone or with your partner.

Explore with unique technology

Use our biofeedback technology to discover things you never knew about your own, unique body.

How it works

How to use the Lioness

Use like a normal vibrator

The Lioness automatically measures your physiological response using integrated sensors.

See your response

After you use the Lioness, sync it to our free app and see what happened!


Use what you learn to try new things and add variety to your sex life, with or without a partner.

"Woman Does Lord's Work, Makes Smart Vibrator" — Gizmodo

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me unlock information about myself!" — Catherine

"This addresses a large gap in the knowledge and practice of female sexuality." — Sarah Merrill, sex researcher

"The vibrator of the future is here" — Mic

"Let me tell you this is one ah-mazing vibrator!!" — Sierra

"It's given her an opportunity to explore herself...and it's brought us closer together as a couple." — Drew

"This is the easiest way I've ever been able to get feedback about my body's physiological responses." — Valerie

"This is information that no one had before now — and it's just the beginning." — Bustle

“The more women know, the more control they will gain pleasing themselves… and express[ing] their needs to their partner.” — Dr. Sherry

Founded by women, based on science

Drawing from decades of research and input from professionals, Lioness is a women-led team dedicated to creating new ways of exploring your own, unique body and broadening our understanding of sexuality.

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