Sex doesn't have to be a mystery.

It's fun, healthy, and a basic human need.

The Lioness Vibrator gives you new ways to learn and explore your own body for better pleasure and health.

For Women. By Women. For Real.

It's often easy to talk about sex, but hard to talk about sexuality—especially for women. What we enjoy and how it changes is a taboo subject. It's awkward to bring up with friends and family. Society's discomfort around female sexuality makes it difficult to find reliable sources of information we can comfortably and privately consult. We believe that needs to change. Lioness is putting that information in your hands.


And that's just the beginning

Everyone is different. Now learn what that means.

When you think of items that boost women’s empowerment and self-esteem, you might not immediately think of a vibrator—but the Lioness vibrator is looking to change that.
— Glamour Magazine