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Introducing the Lioness

Sex Research Platform

Imagine if we tried to study the heart without knowing much about the heartbeat. That’s the state of our understanding of sexual function for anyone with a vagina.

The women-led team at Lioness—the inventors of the first and only smart vibrator that uses biofeedback, precision sensors, and pleasure data to help people learn more about their own arousal and orgasms—have launched the first-of-its-kind Lioness Sex Research Platform.

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Product image


Do it for science

Did you know that one of the most "cutting edge" studies on physiological arousal and orgasm for people with vaginas is a study from the 1980s and included only 11 participants?

Let's change that together. Participate in studies from the comfort of your home that could revolutionize our understanding of sexual wellness, behavior, and health—and maybe learn a new thing or two about yourself in the process—all from the comfort of your home.

Click below to about the program and how to opt-in.

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Incorporate large scale, real world, physiological and behavioral sex data into your work

Connect with participants from a variety of demographics who opt-in and are excited to contribute to your research.

Learn more about how the platform works, how to work with users, and how you can integrate the platform and technology into your own studies.

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A smart vibrator for smarter orgasms

A powerful sexual discovery tool that uses cutting-edge technology once relegated to specialized research labs, packaged into a sleek, portable device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Biofeedback, precision sensors, and pleasure data help people learn more about their own bodies.

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Learn about your own body

Use like a typical vibrator. Afterwards, use the free app to see your pleasure data.


Improve your pleasure

Add notes or tags to remember what you liked, didn't like, or didn't realize you liked.


Have fun!

See patterns over time so you can have more of the good stuff.


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In a world where masturbation for people with vaginas is still taboo, it’s important to be able to make space for the learning, exploration, and fun Liz and Anna had in mind when they developed the Lioness Smart Vibrator.

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How to use Lioness to see your orgasm in real time

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How to use the Lioness Smart Vibrator as a couples sex toy

Although the Lioness Vibrator is primarily thought of as a product for self-discovery, it’s also a great tool for our-discovery. Basically, what I’m saying is that it can also be one of the best sex toys out there for couples.


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