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Now you can see your orgasm in-real time

Remote Control and Live View
Available as a free update for the Lioness Vibrator

Live view is an option on the Lioness Vibrator if you’re curious to see what your own sexual arousal and orgasm look like in real time. 😱

Check out the video to learn more about live view and how to use it.

How you can use Live View

With a Partner

You can use live view to show a partner what’s going on in the moment. It can be a very intimate and revealing experience because you and your partner are seeing yourself in a totally new way. Unlike the Harry Meets Sally instance of faking a real orgasm, you’re showing what your real orgasm actually looks like.

Combined with the in-app remote control, you can play together and see what movements and sensations feel especially great.

Solo Play

You can also use live view yourself if you want to get visual information on what your body is doing as you’re trying different things with the Lioness. You can start seeing what patterns are happening as you become more aroused or as you climax.

Combined with the in-app remote control, you can use the settings or slider(!!!) to quickly jump to any vibration level you desire for the perfect stimulation at the perfect time.


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