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Liz's Story

I came from a more conservative, Midwestern upbringing where sex just wasn't talked about much. As a fundamental human need though, encountering questions on my own sexuality was pretty inevitable.

In my mid-20s, I got the opportunity to sell intimacy products direct in at-home parties around the country. I realized that I was far from the only one who felt uncertain and had questions about sex—and we needed far better resources than what was out there to answer them.

That's a big part of why I founded Lioness, and what inspires us to create products today.

Watch my TEDx Talk below if you're curious to learn more.

Pleasure with a Purpose

Our mission is to empower people to learn more about their own bodies and to break longstanding taboos around sexual pleasure

Our Team

Our all-star technologists and designers are pushing boundaries to help people have products for sexual wellness that they deserve.

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Anna Lee

Co-founder, VP of Engineering
Amazon Lab126, UC Berkeley Engineering

I’ll be honest, I felt a lot of guilt and shame around my own body until just about 3 years ago. Who knew with my mechanical engineering skills, I have the power to change that for myself and other women?

Liz Klinger

Co-founder, CEO
Passion Parties, LK Design, Credit Suisse

When I sold intimacy products, I realized that women from all ages and walks of life have basic, burning questions around sex that were often left unanswered. It wasn't that sex is mysterious. We are all different and don't have the resources and tools available to get the answers we deserve. So I'm trying to help make that possible.

James Wang

Co-founder, CTO
Google X, Bridgewater Associates

Sexuality is a basic human need that’s been stigmatized for women for too long. I’m proud to be working with a great team to change the conversation.

Maggie Stiggleman

Software Engineer

I had two interests in college: Gender Studies and Computer Science. I hoped to be able to combine them one day but never actually thought I’d be that lucky. Turns out I am, god bless Lioness.

Corinne Santoro

Marketing Manager

I used to experience immense frustration and anxiety around not understanding my own body, so I was a huge fan of Lioness way before I joined the team. Now I’m here and living the dream.


Wiener Dog/Breadwinner

They haven't dressed me up in a vibrator costume... yet.

A lot has changed since the 1980’s...

...but research on sexual pleasure hasn’t advanced much since then. This research doesn't exist in a bubble. It affects our personal understanding of our own unique bodies and pleasure—which is as essential of a human need as eating, sleeping, and breathing.

Our mission at Lioness is to advance our knowledge and understanding of pleasure and provide access to knowledge for people to use on their own terms. There's so much more to learn, and we've barely gotten started. Despite the progress we've made, taboos around sexual pleasure are alive and well and still holding us back.

Together, we can make a difference and change the way the world understands pleasure for women—and pleasure for everybody.

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