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Best Sex Toy Shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

San Francisco California Golden Gate Bridge

The Bay Area is home to a wide range of sex shops. Many of them are concentrated in San Francisco, but there are great shops throughout the area if you are looking for a great toy or accessory to enhance your sex life. We've put together a guide to some of the best shops throughout the Bay Area, divided by San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, and North Bay.

All of these shops have well-informed, professional staff who will provide advice and guidance for any product you are looking for. Whether you're looking for your first toy or the newest and greatest, you'll find what you need (and in your neighborhood) from this list!

San Francisco

Good Vibrations

If you ask anyone about where to buy sex toys in San Francisco, the first answer from just about anybody here will be Good Vibrations.

Started over 40 years ago in San Francisco, the store and its mission of pleasure as a birthright for all has spread around the world, including 4 store locations right here in San Francisco (Valencia, Polk, Mission, and Kearny) and an Antique  Vibrator Museum at Polk. They have a highly curated selection of sex toys and accessories and very knowledgeable staff that can help with any questions you might have.

Fun fact: Good Vibes is also the mastermind of International Masturbation Month in May in 1995, in response to U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders being fired for recommending that masturbation be part of sex education.

Pink Bunny

If lingerie with sex toys is more your thing, Pink Bunny is a fun place to explore both at once. While the shop is predominantly lingerie, they also offer a curated selection of sex toys as well as boudoir photography services. The owner of the business is often there to provide advice and assistance, and many customers have been happy about their experience shopping here.

Mr. S Leather

If you're looking for leather, BDSM, bondage, and kink gear, Mr. S Leather has been providing all of that since 1979. They make all of their leather, neoprene, and rubber gear right here in San Francisco, as well as provide bondage gear and toys.

Leather Etc

If leather's your thing, Leather Etc provides a wide range of high-quality leather and fetish apparel as well as bondage gear. With an in-house manufacturing facility in San Francisco, they have a lot of options for different colors, materials, rhinestones, and other amazing adornments.

Rock Hard

Rock Hard is located in the heart of the Castro. It began as an erotic art store, but  they've since expanded into selling a diverse selection of sex products. Not only do they provide a wide selection for the gay community, they also have a great selection for women as well as many couples toys.

East Bay

Good Vibrations

In addition to the San Francisco Locations, you can also find Good Vibrations in Berkeley and Oakland. The Berkeley location is a bit of a walk if you're coming from UC Berkeley, but it's an easy bike, bus ride, or Lyft ride away from campus.


Feelmore is a beautiful adult shop based on one of the busiest streets in Oakland. Women and POC owned, they provide a curated selection of adult products, kink gear, and books. The with sensual art and a sophisticated feel, the environment is very welcoming and with great customer service, it's very easy to find what you need here.

South Bay / Peninsula

Good Vibrations

In addition to the aforementioned San Francisco Locations, you can also find Good Vibrations in Downtown Palo Alto near Stanford University.

Hustler Hollywood

If you're near San Jose, there's a Hustler Hollywood near you. Being a large store, they carry a wide selection of novelty products, clothing, accessories, lubricants, and of course sex toys.

North Bay

Spice Sensuality

Located just south of Santa Rosa in Rohnert Park, Spice Sensuality has a wide range of sex toys, BDSM, and bondage gear to peruse. They even have sex furniture and storage options available in store, which is hard to see in person since a lot of times, space is limited in stores and many places opt to carry limited quantities of these.

Pleasures of the Heart

Located in San Rafael, Pleasures of the Heart has a wide range of lingerie, accessories, and toys for the Marin County community. They won the Best of Marin 2019 for Best Lingerie and Erotic shop, so if you're in the neighborhood and looking for sex products they're a great option for browsing and shopping.


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