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Lioness Dog Toy

Buy 2 and get free shipping!

If we had an orgasm for every time someone told us their dog ate their Lioness Vibrator…

...we wouldn’t have had time to create this pupstastic stand-in for your favorite toy.

Now you can keep your own Lioness safe from the pawful fate by giving your four-legged friends their own squeaker toy! We’re sure Spot and Fido will give our plush a round of a-paws! Two paws up! (okay, will stop.)

Get the dog toy on its own or get the Lioness Vibrator + Dog Toy Bundle!


This product is not designed for heavy chewers. The toy should not be ingested. Do not allow your pet to play with this toy unsupervised. Not intended for children. All new materials, stuffed with polyester fiber, plastic squeaker inside.

International Shipping Information

December 25th Shipping Deadlines for U.S. and worldwide

Real Customer Stories of Lioness Casualties by Dogs (rip 💀)

Customer #1: “My dog ate my last one so I’m definitely getting the protection [Extend] on this one. Bad dog! Very expensive chew toy. Haha!”

Customer #2: “...when I was finally prepared to send it off, I washed it off and left it on the table in the living room, on top of my bubble-wrapped package and of course, return label and.... my boyfriend had a friend's dog over, whom we left along with our dog at home for a bit while we went out for minute. As unbelievable as this is going to sound, I swear on my life this is the truth:

The dumb ass dog, who was far less trained than I was aware and not nearly as trained as I would expect a one-year-old dog should be - apparently got ahold of my Lioness and basically punctured the right-hand button, and tore the area around the sensor. 😖

I was/am devastated, pissed off, baffled and have already told the owner of the dog that he is going to have to pay for a replacement.... to which he didn't seem very understanding or receptive of. It never occurred to me until this situation, how little men understand the importance of the relationship between a woman and her toy and why one might spend $200+ on a vibrator.???! Men.”

Customer #3: “Hello, I know this sounds silly but I’m absolutely devastated. I just got my lioness delivered (less than 20 min ago) and opened it to charge it. I placed it on my nightstand and went to the bathroom to come back and see my dog chomping on it! He took it out of the bag and everything. I bought the extended warranty so is there any way I could get a new one? I have attached proof of purchase for both the lioness and the extended warranty. Thank you in advance.” 

From Lioness: "Believe it or not, you're not the first person to write in about their dog eating their vibrator! It happens more than you'd expect."

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