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Have the best orgasm of your life

Meet Lioness: A smart vibrator for happy vaginas

Get feedback to Improve your orgasms

Take what you learn into the bedroom

Try new things, have fun!

What makes Lioness different?

Get feedback from your own, unique body. Discover what you like, dislike, and would like but don't know yet.

It's easy to just go with what works (or used to work). Get feedback and intuitive visualizations to make it easier and more fun to figure out, "what's next"?

Improve your orgasms, find out how to reach orgasm, figure out how to make great orgasms happen more often, or just have fun.

"I’ve never orgasmed so fast in my life. Incredible! I highly recommend!"

— Annie (Lioness Review)

Lioness Box
What an Emotional Experience

I cannot thank you enough for helping me unlock information about myself! I am so thrilled and thankful to have this product, not to mention the quick to respond, informative and supportive members of the lioness team. Your work means a lot to me and my life. Thank you!

Because of your product I can now say that I have experienced a vaginal orgasm, something that I honestly thought was never going to happen. From my heart to yours, thank you.

- Catherine

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This is particularly clutch for women who've had issues with their sex drive or with not achieving orgasm... This clever bit of tech should be able to work out what gets you going, meaning you can wise up on how best to get yourself to orgasm.
Before using the Lioness, we hadn't talked about my satisfaction that openly and frankly before

You deserve a vibrator that can do more

Why settle when you can have a vibrator thoughtfully designed to be great at what it does—and also teaches you how to have amazing orgasms through  meticulous engineering by a women-led team?

How it Works


Use it like you would any rabbit-style vibrator—nothing special needed!


Download the session from the vibrator by syncing on the free app.

(As a rule, all data operations are ONLY triggered by deliberate user actions—like explicitly hitting the sync button here!)


Explore patterns, track sessions with notes and tags. Learning has never been this pleasurable.

The Technology

Force Sensors

Pelvic floor movements (vaginal contractions in women) are the best indicators found in research for arousal and orgasm.

Accelerometer & Gyroscopes

The same kind of sensors you have in your smartphone. Built-in motion sensors let you see how you used the vibrator during you session. (And a lot more cool visualizations are on the way for this!)

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors allow for automatically recording triggering and tracking of core body temperature over time

"At first, I was a little skeptical about the Lioness. I invested in a high tech pleasure aide in the past and was disappointed. The very first time I used the Lioness, I was blown away. Absolutely loved it!"

— Shona (Lioness Review)

The best vibrator on the market

FeaturesLioness VibratorOther Rabbit VibratorsOther Orgasm TrackersOther Smart Trackers
Seamlessly tracks orgasms
N/APress "+" button to "track" each orgasmCounts calories, number of thrusts, speed
Easy appN/ASomeSome
Medical grade siliconeSomeSomeSome
Hits the right spotSome
Remote control

Flexible clit nub
Travel lock
Rechargeable via USBSome
Vibration SpeedsCustomizable vibration speedsVaries — preset, limited speeds
Charging time
1-1.5 hours
Run time
2 hours at max. vibration
Ergonomic handle

The Perfect Vibrator Experience

The smallest rabbit vibrator on the market

Lightweight and 100% medical-grade silicone, Lioness is designed by women and the feedback of thousands of individuals worldwide. 

Attention to Every Detail—Because We're Users Too

Details matter. As a majority-women team, we constantly tested and refined hundreds of little things that make your (and our) experience better.

silent, but POWERFUL Vibrations

Rumbly? Light? You decide.

Nothing's worse than a vibrator that doesn't vibe with you. Lioness has customizable speeds—including the option to forego vibration and play with other sensations.

Lioness is also quiet like the purr of a kitten. No one wants a chain saw in the bedroom.

"What can I say about the lioness? It is by far the best vibrator I’ve ever had, first time I used it, I thought I was having a seizure because my orgasm was so intense. I wish I was joking."

— Natasha

Designed for simplicity

Just two buttons: one for on/off, another to toggle speeds.
That's it.

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5 / 5

the award-winning

Lioness Vibrator

Learn to have amazing orgasms every time with Lioness Vibrator's smart technology and app. Small, ergonomic, and easy-to-use. Made with medical-grade silicone and designed with love in California. 

Free Lifetime Support, Worry Free 2 Year Warranty, Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

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$194 + Free US Shipping
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2-year warranty

60-day UNOPENED Returns

Discreet shipping


Informed and tested through user feedback, our own experiences, and thousands of product iterations

Free Updating App

Works in conjunction with free supported app that gets new features monthly.

USB rechargable pleasure toys

Rechargeable via USB

Recharges in an hour. Runs a minimum of 2 hours at maximum vibration (though more typically 4-6).

Fully Loaded

In the box: Lioness Vibrator, USB charging cable, and dustbag.

Safe, High Quality Materials

Material: 100% phthalate-free, medical grade silicone.


Can take a bath with it, but avoid scuba diving.

Friendliest Support Around

We stand behind our products and offer lifetime comprehensive support and a 2-year limited warranty.

Common Concerns & Questions

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