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Lioness Validation Study

Lioness Vibrator with App on Bed

Session Instructions

Thank you for completing the survey! Now on to the Lioness sessions for the study.

There are a total of 6 sessions over the course of 5 weeks.

The first week will be two sessions: the first session will be a control session, and the second session will be similar to the ones you’ll be doing during the rest of the study.

Weeks 2-5 will be just one session (no control sessions needed).

Control Session (First Session)

The control session is having the Lioness inserted for 120 seconds with no movement. You don’t have to do anything (no orgasm!) — just make sure the Lioness is tracking.

Once you sync that session, you will tag it “Control” and “LionessValidationStudy2021

Sessions 2-6

The second session onward is one where you use the Lioness, with a few differences than how you might typically use it.

- Low movement (doesn’t have to be no movement, but should be on the more subdued side if possible since we’re trying to isolate pelvic floor movement vs. other movements so it's easier to distinguish on the session charts).

- Have just one orgasm (no multiple orgasms for these sessions).

- Keep Lioness inserted for at least 120 seconds after orgasm. You can use the timer on the phone to make it easier to track.

- Tag your session “LionessValidationStudy2021” for sessions 2-6.

Checking In

We may check in via text halfway through the first week, and then as needed throughout the 5 week period to answer any questions and give you an update on your progress.

Have any questions?

Reach out at or text 1-510-767-4491 if you have any questions along the way, whether it's about tagging, syncing, or anything else! We're here to help!


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