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A 12-month compilation of masturbation data


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We love data, you love masturbating. Putting the two together just made sense.

We started Lioness in 2015 with one mission in mind: expand the world's understanding of female sexual pleasure through data, research, and the world's only biofeedback vibrator. Along the way, Lioness users have shared their experiences, spread the word, and helped us harness the power of pleasure, one masturbation session at a time. If you're a current Lioness user, thank you so much for being on this ride with us! Please make sure you open your app to see your individualized Pleasure Wrapped data.

Introducing Lioness's first ever Pleasure Wrapped—a 12 month compilation of pleasure data made possible by nerdy, dirty Lioness users all over the world 🌎 Not only do these results show how diverse and unique pleasure and masturbation can be, but they truly show how normal masturbation is and how wide the world of smarter orgasms has gotten. Enjoy!

Average Masturbation Time and Strength of an Orgasm

How long is the average masturbation session and orgasm? How strong is an orgasm? Great questions that literally no one has probably answered for you — until now! 🎉

In the last 12 months, Lioness users averaged 24 seconds per orgasm. Why is this cool? Because it's 100% in line with findings from a 1985 study led by R. Levin. In his study, Levin notes that the mean duration of a female orgasm is about 26 seconds.

For as much as things have changed since the 80’s, the average length of an orgasm hasn't!

As for how long Lioness users spent masturbating, the average for the last 12 months was 5 minutes and 9 seconds.

Fun Fact:  Only 4.6% of the sessions had more than one orgasm! Anyone else going to spend the next 12 months working on those multiple o's?

Masturbation and orgasm length Lioness Pleasure Wrapped

Orgasms are measured by the force sensors inside the Lioness Smart Vibrator. It measures the involuntary pelvic floor contractions (both the anal and vaginal muscles), which is one of the best indicators for orgasms used in research. On average, the vagina’s contraction during an orgasm is 64.88 gF (gram-force)... which is about the force it would take to snap a Hot Cheeto in half. What can't the vagina do?!

Popular Times: Hours, Days, & Months

When do people masturbate? Is there a best time to masturbate? What do you do to beat the Sunday Scaries?

Sunday at 9 pm (in January) was the most popular time to masturbate across the globe. And honestly, we get it. What else is there to do when it gets dark early and you have to get up for work the next day? Keep flicking the winter bean, it's good for you! 🫘 

On an eerie note, however, it seems Lioness users really aren't into the infamous witching hour. Tuesdays at 3 am (in October) were the least popular time for masturbation. And that's okay! Sleep is really good for your libido so get that rest and handle business in the morning.

Most popular day to masturbate Lioness Pleasure WrappedMost popular month to masturbate Lioness Pleasure WrappedMost popular hour to masturbate Lioness Pleasure Wrapped

Likeliness to Orgasm to Time

When are people most likely to orgasm?

Ever wondered if stress or being too tired make having an orgasm harder? You're not alone, so do what you will with this information:

Over the last 12 months, people were less likely to orgasm at 9 pm despite it being the most popular time to masturbate. Alternatively, 3 am was the least popular time to masturbate but the most likely time where orgasms would occur. We will let y'all make of that what you will but we're willing to bet some Lioness users are waking up from some really great dreams in the middle of the night.

Likeliness to orgasm by hour Lioness Pleasure Wrapped

Popular Holidays

What is the horniest holiday of the year?

With the holiday season upon us, our team was really curious to see what Lioness users were doing around the most wonderful/stressful days of the year.

New Year's Day came out on top, with Thanksgiving as second, and Groundhog's Day close behind. Anyone know if an orgasm on Groundhog's Day means a longer or shorter winter? 🤔  Surprisingly (or not), Christmas came in last place. It's almost like traveling, having no sense of time, moving an elf every night, and being cold aren't sexy.

Most popular holidays to masturbate Lioness Pleasure Wrapped

Motor Vibration Strength Preferences

Are stronger vibrations better? Do people like stronger vibrations or not?

Ah, the age old question: to blast your clit with supersonic waves or to not blast your clit with supersonic waves? Well, we have the answer.

Surprisingly, most Lioness users (35.9%) preferred using the vibe with the motor completely off! Our guess is they were using other toys or playing the acoustic clit instead — both of which are great uses for a vibrator that can measure your orgasms.

vibrator motor strength most popular Lioness Pleasure Wrapped

The Road to Orgasms is Paved with Pleasure Data…so keep masturbating!

Here's to another 12 months of doing it for science. May the orgasms be ever in your favor (or whatever that purple haired lady is always saying).

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