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Research Platform FAQ

You will be able to put a call out to Lioness users to opt in and participate in studies by sharing data, completing surveys, and following different procedures with and without the Lioness Smart Vibrator as a data collection tool for real world, physiological sex data.

We are also open to working with users outside of the Lioness community. If you have a set of participants you've selected outside of the Lioness Community that you'd like to work with on the platform and using Lioness tools, please reach out at to discuss details.

At Lioness, we’re committed to facilitating a better understanding of the role human sexual function can play in our lives. We are proud to provide tools and technology to support studies that address compelling questions about sexual health and pleasure and enhance our ability to utilize innovative technology and data to support these goals.

To further advance this mission, we are inviting academic and medical researchers to participate on the Lioness Research Platform.

How does the program work?

What type of data does Lioness collect?

Lioness collects sensor data across sessions over time. This sensor data includes force (from pelvic floor muscle movements), temperature, and movement (accelerometer and gyroscope). Additional data also includes vibration levels, date, time, timezone, notes, and tags such as other factors the user chooses to self-report.

Lioness does not collect PII (Personal Identifiable Information) or other demographic data, so if this data is needed this would be something the researcher would need to ask users for and get opt-in to collect additional data.

Contact with any questions about data.

Can I also ask users other questions or ask for demographic data?

Yes! Some studies don't require sensor data and instead focus on behavioral effects and community building. We can incorporate surveys into the app to ask questions about demographics and a range of different topics. E.g. We can incorporate surveys created by researchers such as Qualtrics.

You can check out examples of research that's coming up and in progress using the platform here.

How does user participation work?

Lioness users choose whether to opt-in and participate in different studies as outlined in the Lioness Terms of Service. They see a list of active and past research studies on the Lioness app, where they can also learn more about the research, the researchers, and the data/questions/procedures required to participate.

Are there particular topics you are looking for?

Especially as this is a new endeavor, we are leaving it up to the researchers on what they would like to study based on their expertise and interests. We invite researchers from the medical and academic research disciplines who wish to incorporate sexual function and behavior data into their work. The topic can be directly related to sex, pleasure, and intimacy, or it could expand into other interrelated areas including (but not limited to) health, psychology, social sciences, and more.

If you'd like a few examples to jog the creative side of your brain ... here are a couple topic ideas as a launching pad:

- Investigate differences between individuals who exhibit different orgasmic behaviors such as anorgasmia (primary or secondary), multi-orgasmic, or persistent genital arousal disorder.

- Compare experiences between prescription medications (birth control, antidepressants, etc.) or stimulants such as cannabis, CBD, alcohol, or medications and sexual function.

- Advance the understanding of sexual function to identify different relationships to health (e.g. mental health) or disease risk (e.g. cardiovascular health).

- Study how new data and tools can help individuals who feel shame or uncertainty about their own sexuality.

- Observe effects on sexual function and overall satisfaction from hormonal changes and/or life transitions (e.g. menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, menopause, transgender hormone therapy, genital reconstruction surgery, etc.)

If I'm interested in learning more, what are the next steps?

Write your proposal of no more than 3 pages, including the following information:

- Project title
- Primary co-investigators
- Research proposal summary including the purpose and broader impact of the research
- Description of the proposed project, including data requested from Lioness (sensor data and survey data).
- Overview of the research timeline and anticipated deliverables.

Attach the following additionally required information, which are not included in the page limit:
- Bibliography of cited works
- Information on primary co-investigators including names, affiliated institutions and departments, contact information (email, address, phone number), and CVs

Submit your proposal to with the subject line “Lioness Research Platform”. All required information should be submitted as a single PDF file. Directly relevant supplementary materials (e.g. illustrations, prior published or unpublished work, preliminary findings, etc.) may be submitted in a separate document. All applications will be held in confidence. Please also include how you found the call for proposals.

We are accepting proposals on a rolling basis. Contact with any additional questions.

What if I have other questions?

Contact with additional questions.


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