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Premium Sex Guides by Lioness

(S)explore is for curious people who want to learn more about sex.

- Ask questions you've had in the back of your mind for ages and get answers from experts
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- Lioness Vibrator not required — just a curious mind is all you need!

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(S)explore is a paid-only subscription.
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Why (S)explore?


We all have questions about sex.

How can we do it better? How does it affect our health? Is what I'm doing even the "right" way to do it?


It's not enough to know that sex impacts our lives.

Having access to high quality, non-judgmental and inclusive information about sex is crucial and should be easier to come by.


Sex as a subject is understudied and underfunded.

Mainstream media and social media giants are censoring sexual topics.... and we call B.S. You deserve the space to ask real questions and get real answers. Your pleasure is not taboo. 

The Lioness Sexperts are here to give you important, in-depth answers to the questions you thought you couldn’t ask about information you won’t find elsewhere.

This content will probably not attract the most clicks/attention versus stuff that we typically write (heck, it’d be shadowbanned or blocked across most online platforms), so it usually doesn’t get made. But we know people like you would really appreciate it and would pay a small amount to get access, giving us the resources to create it.

Your premium subscription gets you access to so much more than content only available to (S)explorers. You will be able to weigh in on topics you want to see covered, get other cool perks, and support a women-founded, sex-positive company continue to grow and create more delightful experiences for people through our products and content.

Why Lioness?

The Lioness team’s collective experience in sexual wellness spans over three decades.

It should go without saying but inventing the world’s first smart vibrator is a pretty big deal. In just over 3 years, the Lioness Smart Vibrator and it’s unique biofeedback technology has allowed us to analyze over 50,000 anonymous sessions from users around the world.

(TL;DR, we know a thing or two about pleasure.)

In addition to that, we’ve also created over 150 free articles on all things sex, pleasure, and health on our blog “Sex Guides.” That’s over 750 pages and 375,000 words of personal experiences, scientific data, health professional feedback and more!

Most recently, as a way to help address the difficulties of conducting research in sexual pleasure and function, we launched the Lioness Sex Research Platform that enables Lioness users to opt into research led by scientific and medical researchers on topics they care about.

All’s to say... we know a thing or two about sex — and over the years we’ve met a lot of other sex experts in the medical, therapy, and coaching fields who we can consult when there’s something we ourselves don’t know or can speak about with certainty.

About Lioness

Lioness ( is women-led company and a recognized pioneer and innovator in the Sextech and Femtech industries. Their in-house ex-Google X and ex-Amazon engineering team uses cutting-edge technologies to create new experiences for sexual exploration that were previously unimaginable.

Although their first product, the Lioness Smart Vibrator, may look like a basic sex toy, it's the first and only vibrator to improve orgasms through biofeedback and data. The Lioness Smart Vibrator was developed from over half a decade of research and development with sex researchers and doctors as well as conducting numerous user studies, analyzing 50,000+ orgasms, and incorporating the latest machine-learning developments. Lioness brings patented biofeedback technology previously only ever seen in research labs into a sleek, easy-to-use vibrator with an intuitive mobile app.

Today, the Lioness Sex Research Platform connects users and researchers to accelerate our medical and academic understanding of sexual wellness, health, and pleasure. Lioness is committed to its mission of destigmatizing female pleasure and correcting the systematic imbalances in sexual health research and education.

The Lioness Smart Vibrator took home multiple Best of awards at CES, won the Women's Health Innovation Spotlight Powered by Johnson & Johnson, and was a finalist for Last Gadget Standing, one of the longest-running events produced by Living in Digital Times (LIDT) in partnership with CTA. Their engineering lead and Co-Founder Anna Lee is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Lioness Vibrator for this information to be valuable to me?

No Lioness Vibrator needed to enjoy (S)explore. Just bring your questions, curiosity, and some wi-fi! 📶

Will these be useful if I’m not in a relationship?

Yep! We will cover the gamut of topics from sex (all expressions of sex including masturbation), sexuality, monogamous and non-monogamous relationships, being single, and much more. 

Will the guides be inclusive?

Yes. We believe that everyone deserves high quality information about sex and pleasure. Our writers will convey information in a way that doesn’t assume everyone is cisgender, heterosexual, in a relationship, or monogamous, because that isn’t reflective real life.

Some articles may be more directly applicable to your life than others depending on the subject being covered that week (like our Skene’s glands article is 🔥 but it won’t be applicable to everyone), but we’ll guarantee that you’ll learn something interesting. And if you want a certain subject to be covered, just ask! This is your direct line to get the answers you’re looking for.

What happens to the free sex guides? Will you still be making them?

The free sex guides will still exist and we will keep writing them! We believe it’s important to keep producing free information about sex that can be accessible to as many people as possible around the world.

(S)explore gives people an opportunity to take a step further in improving their sex life by getting more in-depth, curated information on sex, as well as weigh in on topics they’d like to see covered next.

We can go further in this information, rely less on advertisers and affiliates or advertising our own products, and focus on the content that’s interesting and beneficial for you. Finally, we can spend more time on those topics and consult our expert network of doctors, therapists, and other sexperts.

Is this a dating site?

Nope, this is a site with resources about sex that go above and beyond what we learn in school and more applicable for our adult lives... but instead of being students we’re explorers on a safari 🦁 or astronauts exploring new corners of the universe. 🚀

Have other questions?

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