It's often easy to talk about sex and hard to talk about sexuality, especially for women.

Lioness is trying to change that. We are a team of designers and engineers building a vibrator that helps you understand, discover, and take control of your own body, paired with an app that allows you to easily visualize what your body is telling you and ask questions to a supportive community. Using advanced biometric sensing and statistical methods, we help you characterize your sexuality—how fast you get aroused, how long it generally takes to orgasm, and when sex would feel best—both individually and within the diverse sexual spectrum of the aggregate female population.

Finally, as a company with strong female technology, design, and executive leadership, our product is women-centric at its core, from our choices to use the same materials as those used in medical devices to tailoring our device's ergonomics to how women actually hold vibrators. Changing the conversation around female sexuality is hard, but our team is determined to take on the challenge.


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