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Orgasm Data 101

One of the best ways to identify an orgasm (physiologically-speaking) is a consistent, rhythmic pattern of pelvic floor contractions. It is an unconscious movement that is faster (1-2 hz) than conscious, voluntary movements a person can do on their own.

The hotspot algorithm in the Lioness app identifies an orgasm based on specific frequencies and rhythms in your data.
An orgasm is NOT:

  • Any squeeze of the pelvic floor that you may see on a chart.
  • How strong you can squeeze your pelvic floor. Although kegels are a popular exercise in the media and promise better orgasms and pleasure, pelvic floor physical therapists caution that this is not well supported and kegels can do more harm than good.
  • Moving Lioness can also cause motion in the chart. If you use a lot of motion, try a session where you use less motion to better spot what your data looks like. We are also happy to help identify patterns in your data if you drop us an email.

Ideas to (s)explore with Lioness

Try one of these or try them all, depending on what interests you!
  • Once you have a sense of your own patterns, check out Live View if it’s of interest. Live View is a way to visualize your movements in real time by yourself or with a partner. It also includes an in-app local remote control where you can adjust your settings on the fly.
  • Participate in a research study — these are led by medical and academic researchers on a wide variety of topics. We periodically send emails about these to Lioness Users as they come up!
  • Use Lioness with and without a partner present. Your partner can also use the local remote control in the Live View to control the vibrations and see your movements in real-time.
  • Try with different types of sex toys (in the app you can adjust the Lioness vibe settings from “0-99,” with 0 as no vibration. Pull the nub back and use other external toys).
  • Try with coffee, alcohol, THC or CBD (use responsibly!).
  • Beta test new features — be the first to try what's new at Lioness and give your input to help shape your new pleasure product.

Need a refresher on your first time with Lioness?

If you haven't gotten around to trying Lioness or downloading the app yet, worry not! Check out this post to get up to speed!

If you have any questions, we're here to help!

Whether it's help updating your firmware, syncing for the first time, tips for using Lioness, or interpreting your data, check out customer support or send us an email at

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