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5 pro tips for discretely traveling with sex toys during the holidays

Woman traveling with sex toys

Sex on vacation is great—whether you're single or in a relationship, avacation is practically an aphrodisiac for finding a fun fling or becoming more intimate with your partner.

Whether you're on vacation, packing for college, or off to see family or in-laws over the holidays, packing sex toys can be tough. Who wants TSA to root through your suitcase and pull out your beloved toy, and ask “What’s this?”. Or have your vibrator go off in your luggage as you greet your parents or in-laws?

I've felt your pain

I’ve been there. While saying goodbye to my parents on the way to college, my suitcase suddenly started buzzing. I was confused for a moment, and then realized—it was my vibrator.

My mom figured out what’s up around the same time I did. Without saying a word, she distracted my dad long enough for me to dig through my suitcase and turn it off.We’ve never spoken a word about the incident.

And I still remember like it was last week.

I now make vibrators for a living—and built a travel lock into the one I made for that exact reason. Not all sex toys have travel locks though. And in general, you learn some cool tips and tricks when you travel everywhere with sex toys (like I do).

Whether you're going to school, vacation, or heading home for the holidays—plane, train, or car—I got you covered.

Travel Tips

Travel Lock

1. Remove batteries or drain the battery. Or even better, buy one with a travel lock.

This is where I flubbed when I was young and naive. If your toy has removable batteries, take out the batteries before packing them and put them in a separate plastic bag. That way, you don’t have to worry about it ever turning on in transit. If your toy is rechargeable, you can drain the battery before traveling and charge it when you arrive. Finally, there are a few vibrators (like ours) that have a built-in travel lock setting, where you can keep the charge but keep the vibrator off.

2. Wrap in clothes and other soft things

Usually, vibrators and other electronic sex toys accidentally turn on when their buttons or switches bump into something in your suitcase. You can avoid this by wrapping your vibrator in clothes or other soft things. This is especially helpful if you’re like me and don’t want to drain the battery since you’ll inevitably forget to charge it for when you want it. This also applies to non-electronic toys (like dildos, plugs or BDSM products) which you can wrap up with your other clothes to keep away from most prying eyes.

Travel-sized bottles for lube

3. Bring travel bottles for lube

Especially if you’re flying, remember that liquid restrictions for carry-ons are also applicable for lube. I’ll share another one of my horrifying moments: I was traveling with some nice lube I had bought because I was visiting my long-distance partner. Airport security stopped me and caught it. But then, the guy who confiscated the bottle put it in his front shirt pocket instead of in the bin where all the other liquid bottles went. Also, I have to mention that this lube was already partially used. Gross, right? So put your lube in travel-sized bottles, get small bottle-versions, or even samples, and no one should bother you. 👍

Dog dragging suitcase

4. Carry-on or check-in?

Honestly, it depends on your preferences. Check-in usually requires an extra cost, but if you’d rather not face airport security in the eye if they root through your stuff, the extra cost could outweigh the convenience if you’d otherwise be traveling entirely carry on.

This is especially true if you are traveling with a lot of sex stuff, if what you’re traveling with may make you feel especially uncomfortable, or if you might be traveling through an area where people may be more judgmental (or where sex toys are illegal—I’ll get more into that in the next tip). Also, just because you’re checking in baggage doesn’t mean there won’t be someone who may look through your stuff after check-in (for security), so someone might see that alien dildo, but you won’t have to look at them in the eye.

Honestly, I’ve flown with my sex toys (for business and pleasure) carry-on pretty much the entire time I’ve been doing Lioness, and I haven’t faced any problems or weirdness. If someone asks usually I just tell them what it is.

Airport Security sees all sorts of stuff on a day-to-day basis. After seeing their hundredth sex toy of the day in the x-ray, they get pretty desensitized. Even if your toy-in-question is phallic or unusual looking, they’ve probably seen something similar to it before.

Lioness Smart Vibrator sex toys in a suitcase

5. Where to not travel with sex toys

I said in the last tip that traveling with sex toys is generally fine, but there are a few places to be concerned about over the legality of owning a sex toy or traveling with one.

Those places are Maldives, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Alabama. Yes, Alabama, USA still criminalizes the sale and ownership of sex toys.

That hasn’t stopped people from getting clever—eight years ago, a sex toy drive-thru opened in Alabama to get around the ridiculous laws. Some places are stricter than others, but take heed when you go to these places because if you run into the wrong people and circumstance, you might end up in serious trouble.

Travel worry-free

Those are my pro tips to get you quickly up to speed. Now, go enjoy your travels (in more ways than one)!

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