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Sexperiment Results: Does wearing socks improve orgasms?

Another month, another Sexperiment in the books! Put your piggies in some warm water and call this data wrap a pedicure because we’re answering the question: do socks improve orgasms? A Quick review of the Lioness community poll & hypotheses At the start of May, each Sexplorer was prompted to formulate a hypothesis and vote in a poll before beginning their Sexperiment.

Community Poll: How do you feel about wearing socks during sex?

Spend enough time on the internet and it seems like no one likes wearing socks during sex. Everything from memes to sitcoms and more poke fun at the idea of warm toes during O’s, sometimes going so far as to imply they affect intimacy or are correlated to overall sexual prowess.

Despite the colloquial hype, however, 43% of Lioness users actually don’t care about socks on during sex one way or another. The remaining 57% did care, with 59% saying they can’t stand it and the other 18% being all about it.

sexperiments socks community poll

The Hypothesis: Wearing socks during masturbation will do what to my orgasms?

Lioness users were given three choices for this hypothesis: Get Better, Stay the Same, or Get Worse.

Here’s how they voted, with the majority predicting their O’s would Stay the Same:

sexperiments socks hypothesis

The Results: Did socks improve orgasms for Lioness Users?

Yes! On average, Liones users rated their orgasms at 3.8 stars out of 5, and there was a general increase in both peak orgasmic force and orgasm duration:

  • Whereas sessions without socks registered a peak force of 64.9 gF and minimum force of 26.5 gF, sessions with socks registered an average peak of 72.20 gF and minimum of 39.02 gF.
  • The average orgasm length increased to 30.34 seconds (compared to 24 seconds in sessions without socks)

This Sexperiment also gave the following results:

  • The average time to orgasm increased to 8 min 8 secs minutes (compared to 4 min 19 secs in sessions without socks)
  • Overall average session length increased to 10 min 6 seconds (compared to 5 min 9 secs in sessions without socks)

The Conclusion: Do socks improve orgasms?

Looking at the numbers, it’s pretty clear warm toes made for better O’s. Orgasms and sessions alike were both longer and stronger, which sound like better masturbation experiences to us overall.

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