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Science-backed stress relief for orgasms

Looking back, I cannot believe I haven't shared my Lioness data after using Vella's Pleasure Serum. It's been a staple on my nightstand ever since I first tried it a couple years ago.

But as the old saying goes,"better late than never." Here's why I have come to love Vella's Pleasure Serum (pun totally intended).

The attention to detail goes beyond the serum

First and foremost, I am obsessed with the bottle the Pleasure Serum comes in. So many other lubes and oils come in bottles that end up covered in residue or leak, but not this one.

The pump is great for slippery hands and in-the-moment play.

On top of the cute and functional pink bottle, I really enjoy the texture of the CBD serum. I've used a ton of other oils and Vella stands out above the rest. It's not slippery and, to be totally honest, makes applying the pre-lube experience feel like a sexy skincare routine for your vulva.

If my face deserves the best, then so do my labia. I won't be explaining further.

Reliable CBD-serum that does the trick every time

I really enjoy products like Foria's Intimacy Melts for a change in routine and something fun, but I love Vella's CBD Pleasure Serum for its reliability—especially on days I am stressed.

In fact, it's pretty much become a ritual for me. (Does this make me a skincare girly yet, TikTok?) On days when I feeling aroused feels far off (thanks, STRESS 🙄), my Lioness data shows a decrease in contractions throughout my sessions.

vella pleasure serum orgasm data

With Vella, however, I notice spikes and large contractions all through the session—almost as if my stress wasn't there at all. Almost.

A spot-on CBD formula

When I use Vella's Pleasure Serum, it feels like my body is able to wake up in the midst of stress, say "Oh, helloooo. Let's do this!" and actually enjoy masturbating even if I'm not enjoying other things as much as usual.

The science and care the doctors and scientists put into formulating this serum brings the sex nerd in me tons of joy...and tons of orgasms. Sure, the Viagra they made made huge waves for people with penises, but this pre-lube is literally making ocean waves for me and other people with vulvas.


Try Vella's Pleasure Serum for Yourself!

vella pleasure serum

 Using this CBD-infused pre-lube is easy!

Just apply the silky smooth serum topically before sex and let this bottle of science relax your vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle.

Vella + Lioness = Smart pre-lube for smarter orgasms 😉

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