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The 9 most common fetishes based on Google search volume

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I recently wrote about fetishes—how they develop and how common they are, so naturally I wanted to highlight some of the more common fetishes out there. Instead of picking a few that I’ve heard from and listing them here, I figure what better way to list out some common ones than to look to Google keyword data to see what people commonly search for on the world’s largest search engine?

"Tell me about the sex!"

A few constraints:

  1. U.S.-centric: The search I did was focused on the United States. There are probably some fetishes that are more common in other countries.
  2. No Pornhub search info: Sites like PornHub are more and more becoming common go-tos when searching for porn instead of Google search. Alas, I haven’t come across lists based on PornHub searches since that’d probably give another dimension of information, but Google searches should give a good sense of what’s common.
  3. Exact searches vs. broad searches: The tools I have for google search volume are somewhat limited in what they show. I can find search volume for exact keywords, but things get dicey when I try to find broad searches (e.g. red heel fetish vs. shoe fetish). There are so many different long-tail searches that it's hard to get an exact estimate on what people search for when it comes to fetishes on google. This list is mainly for broad informational purposes, so I tried to gather and group topics based on how common they came up in the search volume data.

So without further ado, here are 9 common fetishes in order of monthly google search volume.

The most common fetishes

foot fetish gif

1. Foot fetish

Feet fetishes are by and far the most common fetish-related search on google. This may be in part because some group foot fetishes with other feet or leg-related fetishes like shoes, stockings, foot worship, foot massages, toe sucking, and more.

This fetish can be expressed in different ways — some people are turned on by the sight of feet. Others prefer the feet to be donned in clothing like stockings or shoes. Others want to lick feet and/or toes.


2. Panty fetish

Like with many of these fetishes listed here, a panty fetish can include sexual arousal by the sight, feel, or even smell of panties (particularly worn panties). Some men like to wear panties designed for women because the like the sight or feel of the panties on themselves, or the thought of being seen or caught can be arousing. Some people are aroused by the panties themselves or prefer to have the panties on someone to be turned on by them.

High heels

3. High heel fetish

I wasn’t quite sure whether to group this fetish with foot fetishes, but it seemed to be common enough that it deserved its own category. As with other articles of clothing like panties, some people enjoy the sight or feel of high heels. Some men enjoy wearing shoes originally designed for women. Some folks are turned on by the sight of certain shoes alone, while others prefer to see the shoes worn.


4. Nylon fetish

Stockings, nylons, and garters are also a pretty common search. This can sometimes include nylons, pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs, and garters. This fetish might include wearing nylons during sexual activity, wearing it as a form of submission or humiliation, or even ripping or tearing the clothing.


5. Spanking fetish

Spanking (or being spanked) is another common fetish. It may include very light spanking, or more impact play-style of spanking with whips, paddles, or canes. Depending on an individual’s interest, spanking might be incorporated as part of roleplay or bdsm.

Balloon popping fetish

6. Balloon fetish

Yep, balloon fetishes are a thing, too! Like with all fetishes, no fetish is expressed in the same way. Some people love popping the balloons while others get sad about the thought of destroying balloons. Others enjoy sitting on the balloons or simply lying in them.


7. Hand fetish

Hand fetishes are less common than foot fetishes, but it is still nonetheless not uncommon, either. A hand fetish may include attraction to the fingers, palm of the hand, or nails, or specific actions made by the hands. The fetish might play out in a direct sexual activity or may be not directly related to sexual activity, such as drying clothes or doing a non-sexual activity with hands.


8. Hair fetish

Hair fetishes can include the sight or feeling of hair. It could involve short or long hair, wet hair, or even pubic hair. Some folks are also turned on by the act of cutting or shaving hair.


9. Leg fetish

Leg fetishes can include sexual attraction to particular parts of the leg such as thighs, knees or calves. A person with this fetish may prefer to see other articles of clothing that reveal the legs in certain ways such as skirts, shorts, boots, or stockings. This fetish may also overlap with other fetishes such as nylons, shoes, and feet.

bursts into song

A fetish can be many things, and it can be expressed in a variety of ways

This was a mere peek into some of the common types of fetishes that are out there — at least, the ones that are easily identifiable from common google searches. But fetishes can be a variety of different things, not only the ones listed here. And if you have one, you’re likely not the only person who feels that way.

If you want to read more about fetishes, where they come from, and how they differ from kinks, head over to my other article here. Kinks? Read more about those here. I hope this sheds some light on the topic!


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