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These Glass Sex Toys Are Basically Works Of Art

Hand Crafted Glass Dildo

I’ll let you in on a secret: I love glass dildos. They’re some of my favorite toys. A great one can be colorful, come in different textures and shapes, and be a very different experience than your standard sex toy.

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But isn’t glass dangerous?

As long as you take care of it and get a good quality one, no. A good quality glass dildo or anal plug is smooth and made of safe materials such as Borosilicate glass to make them more resistant to thermal shock and are far stronger than your standard glass.

Furthermore, you should also get toys that go through an annealing and inspection process so the glass is strong, durable, and far less likely to break. The cheaper glass toys you tend to find on Amazon (or the ones where you see the same design everywhere) tend to not go through this process are not as durable or reliable, especially for long-term use.

As long as you take good care of it and not throw or bang it on hard surfaces, your toy should last a lifetime with many years of pleasure. Of course, it goes without saying that if your toy does break for any reason, you should stop using it and dispose of it safely as soon as possible.

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What’s so special about glass toys?

There’s a lot that differentiates glass products from other sex toys on the market:

  1. Hardness (but also lightweight): The feeling is much firmer than silicone toys. If you’re looking for a different feeling and experience, it’s one that can be really appealing. And compared to stainless steel toys, they’re much more lightweight and easier to hold (though to be fair, the weight can also be a plus depending on the circumstances).
  2. Temperature play: Silicone doesn’t take to temperature changes — that’s why the material is used for oven mitts! Glass can warm and cool to temperatures, which you can play with for new sensations on yourself. Just make sure that you don’t warm it up too hot or cold and check the temperature first with your hand before putting your toy near your sensitive areas. And likewise, do not microwave or freeze your glass toys.
  3. Artistic: Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased because I was a sculpture major… but honestly, these things can be as close to a work of art as you can get. In fact, some glass artisans of other glass work also make dildos (or know someone who does).
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    What do you recommend?

    When I was doing my research for what information was out there, I was surprised by the lack of high-quality glass toys being mentioned. Most of the toys are on the lower quality, mass production-side of things. While they may be perfectly suitable options for folks looking to try glass toys for the first time, there is a whole world of beautiful glass toys that more glass-enthusiasts should know about!

    Amazon Glass Dildos

    Starter: Amazon

    If you’re looking to dabble in glass toys and are not sure what you’d like, this set gives you enough to explore without breaking the bank.

    As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t recommend having these be your long-term toys because cheaper glass toys do not go through the same annealing and thorough inspection process that higher quality glass toys do. So, use these as a trial kit, so to speak, and then if you want to explore glass more, move on to more reliable toys such as the recommendations below.

    You can get this starter set here.

    Crystal Delights Glass Dildo

    Crystal Delights

    I love a well-made glass toy, especially handmade ones. Crystal Delights is a longtime leader of high quality, handmade glass toys and makes some of the most creative toys on the market.

    One of their first products was glass butt plugs with Swarovski crystals at the base (as well as plugs with tails at the end, too!). They’ve since expanded to dildos and even vaginal dilators. They even have a crystal twist toy that can be used both vaginally and anally for unique texture and sensation.

    During their creation process (all products are made in the USA), they treat all their glass art like a Tiffany & Company creation to ensure all of their products are of the highest quality, are safe to use, and are gorgeous and unique in their own ways.

    Find Crystal Delights here.

    Simply Elegant Glass Dildo

    Simply Elegant Glass

    If you’re looking for beautifully colored, handmade glass toys, look no further than Simply Elegant Glass. They make one-of-a-kind glass toys of a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

    Find Simply Elegant Glass here.

    Rainbow glass dildo


    Another fantastic glass artisan — they work with borosilicate glass that are annealed for at least 4 hours, so these toys are extremely strong and reliable. Also, in addition to ribbons of colors, some of their toys even glow in the dark!

    Find more Ttamage products here.

    RushGlass Dildo


    They’re newer to the Etsy glass dildo scene, but they’re definitely worth browsing. They combine an interesting mix of clear glass and color, and even include glow-in-the-dark and *glitter* in their designs! Like all high-quality glass objects, their work has been thoroughly annealed and inspected via polariscope to ensure maximum durability.

    Find RushGlass here.

    Candy Cane Dildo

    Novelty: Candy Cane

    If you like being a bit cheeky with your toys, this is a fun novelty one. ;) Pair with your favorite holiday roleplay outfit and have some fun.

    Find the candy cane dildo here.


    Find your glass dildo

    Glass dildos can be a great addition to your sex toy collection—or even a great first toy. You do have to be careful about buying a high-quality one, but if you do it can be a fun, unique, and safe toy that can add variety to your sexual experience.


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