every Body is different

That's why there's no one-size-fits-all solution to improving orgasm and sexual pleasure.

Lioness is different. It helps you find what works.

By Women

For Women (and People with Vaginas)

Our majority female team
makes products we ourselves love

Better Orgasms

Never Measured, Never Improved

The Only Vibrator Available To
Track and improve sexual experience

Therapist Approved

Endorsed & Follows Best-Practices

similar to sex diary tracking that therapists
prescribe, except automatic and fun

Lioness Box
What an Emotional Experience

I cannot thank you enough for helping me unlock information about myself! I am so thrilled and thankful to have this product, not to mention the quick to respond, informative and supportive members of the lioness team. Your work means a lot to me and my life. Thank you!

Because of your product I can now say that I have experienced a vaginal orgasm, something that I honestly thought was never going to happen. From my heart to yours, thank you.

- Catherine

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This is particularly clutch for women who've had issues with their sex drive or with not achieving orgasm... This clever bit of tech should be able to work out what gets you going, meaning you can wise up on how best to get yourself to orgasm.
Before using the Lioness, we hadn't talked about my satisfaction that openly and frankly before

the award-winning

Lioness Vibrator

The first and only vibrator designed for the purpose of self-experimentation and improving sexual experience (arousal and orgasm).

Beautiful design lovingly crafted by a majority-women team—for a product we ourselves love—combined with the most advanced technology available to consumers to track and visualize sexual response.

For a limited time, enjoy free US shipping & $20 express shipping to Canada. 

Free Lifetime Support, Worry Free 2 Year Warranty, Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

$229 + Free US Shipping

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Dr. Michael Krychman

 OBGYN, clinical sexual counselor, & Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship

"Sexuality is multi-faceted, but one of the most important factors is understanding your own body well. Lioness is the only device tailor built to support this purpose."

Sarah Merrill, PhD

Sex Researcher at Cornell University

"The fact is, female pleasure has been far more elusive than male pleasure. [Lioness] could provide a service to women by addressing a large gap in the knowledge and practice of female sexuality."

Jaclyn Friedman

Writer, Educator and Activist. Author of Unscrewed, Yes Means Yes, and What You Really ReallyWant

"Beyond the personal power of self-knowledge, the Lioness has the potential to change the field of sex research writ large..."

How it Works


Use it like you would any vibrator—nothing special needed!


Download the session from the vibrator by syncing on the free app.

(As a rule, all data operations are ONLY triggered by deliberate user actions—like explicitly hitting the sync button here!)


Explore patterns, track sessions with notes and tags. Learning has never been this pleasurable.

The Technology

Force Sensors

Pelvic floor movements (vaginal contractions in women) are the best indicators found in research for arousal and orgasm.

Accelerometer & Gyroscopes

The same kind of sensors you have in your smartphone. Built-in motion sensors let you see how you used the vibrator during you session. (And a lot more cool visualizations are on the way for this!)

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors allow for automatically recording triggering and tracking of core body temperature over time

Other Features

Free Constantly Updating App

Works in conjuction with free supported app that gets new features monthly. iOS and Android (6.0 or higher) supported app

Rechargeable via USB

Recharges in an hour. Runs a minimum of 2 hours at maximum vibration (though more typically 4-6).

Fully Loaded

In the box: Lioness Vibrator, USB charging cable, and dustbag

Safe, High Quality Materials

Material: 100% phthalate-free, body-safe silicone, plastic button panel, stainless steel


Can take a bath with it, but avoid scuba diving.

Friendliest Support Around

We stand behind our products and offer lifetime comprehensive support and a 2-year limited warranty.

 Can a vibrator change the world? We think so.

Lioness came into being when two women asked a very simple question: Why, in an age where technology has radically transformed almost every facet of our lives, has research and technology for female sexuality seen no advancement in decades? 

By creating Lioness, co-founders Liz and Anna sought to give women a tool and a platform to better explore their own bodies and sexuality. Hoping to combat the outdated stigmas around female pleasure, they created the world's first smart vibrator specifically designed for experimenting and learning about their bodies in the comfort of their own homes. Through harnessing technology never before seen outside of research labs, they are giving all individuals the tools to take learning about pleasure, arousal, and orgasm into their own hands.

By using biofeedback technology and the Lioness app, women get what they should have had all along: information about their sexuality; what works, what doesn't, what they might love but haven’t discovered yet.

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