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Customer Satisfaction

Hassle-Free, Unopened 60-Day Returns

We get it—sometimes you have buyer's remorse. We do have to balance customer / staff safety, and we can't exactly reuse returns... but we can try to make things easier on you if you find that you need the money or just decide you weren't as interested. We're sorry to lose you, but we're in the business of making people happy, not sad!

See our Limited Warranty and Returns Policy for more detail.

Free Lifetime Support

We're pretty much at the cutting edge for technology in this industry and we do updates all the time. Things may be hard, may break, or just may be confusing. We're here for you through all of that, and have leading industry customer satisfaction ratings for our response time and results. 

Worry-Free 2 Year Warranty

See our Warranty policy linked above... but to make it simple, we stand behind our product and are proud of it. Regardless of the specific legal language, after thousands of sales, we haven't encountered ANY cases where we haven't offered at least a partial exchange. And we've seen some stuff that's pretty extreme. Be assured that we're here for you, and if you end up with a dead vibrator, it won't be dead for long.

Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

Our customers love us, and we love our customers. Just see our reviews

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