Privacy and Security

Is my data stored securely and kept confidentially?

Absolutely. Everything is encrypted and we fully anonymize the data—even we do not know who is who. Our guiding principle is that we treat your data the same way we would want our own to be treated.

We protect all of this anonymous data and use it internally to learn new things, improve our app, and most importantly, further our knowledge of female sexuality. Our access to this kind of information is unprecedented, and we’re dedicated to using this for good.

For example, did you know our exploration of orgasm patterns is the first of its kind? Before that, the most recent dedicated study on orgasm patterns was in the 1980’s and had a sample size of eleven (we’re in the thousands).

As a part of our mission, we are eager to continue these kinds of advancements. In fact, we're working on partnerships with outside academic and medical researchers right now. However, in all of those cases, we will only share anonymous data if the user has specifically opted in.

The way we see it, for some folks, privacy is freedom. For others, contributing and participating in science and research can be exciting and fulfilling. But we want to let that be up to the users and respect their decisions.

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