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Shipping Estimates

United States Shipping

Standard Shipping: Free!

Delivery varies by region but 1-3 days if in California, 4-7 days if in Maine. Somewhere in between for everywhere else.

Lioness will ship out the following business day after placing the order. Our warehouse does not ship on weekends or holidays. Please note that shipping may take longer during holiday periods or due to unforeseen weather conditions.

2-day shipping

We offer expedited 2-business day shipping within the United States only for the rate of $15. Expedited packages take approximately 1-2 business days to arrive once Lioness is shipped out of the warehouse. 

IMPT: 2-day shipping orders placed before 9am PST will go out the same day — orders placed after 9am will go out the next business day. Lioness does not ship on weekends or holidays.

Saturday Delivery: We try to offer Saturday delivery when available, but Saturday delivery varies on location and is not always guaranteed. If you need a weekend delivery, contact us with your shipping address and we can check for you!

2-day shipping example 1: An order placed on Thursday before 9am PST will go out on Thursday and arrive on either Saturday (if Saturday delivery is available) or Monday. If it were ordered after 9am PST, it will ship out the next day on Friday and arrive on Tuesday.

2-day shipping example 2: An order placed on Monday before 9am PST will go out on Monday and arrive on Wednesday. If it were ordered after 9am PST, it will ship out the next day on Tuesday and arrive on Thursday.

Overnight / Next Day shipping

If you need Lioness even sooner, e-mail with your shipping address and when you need it, and we can give you additional shipping options and estimates ASAP.

Canada Shipping

$20 Express Shipping

(Which is actually cheaper for our Canadian customers vs. "normal shipping", due to customs issues—see FAQ for more info. The "true cost" of shipping here, if you're interested, is actually $45.)

Wondering why we're charging $20 USD for shipping to Canada? In order to help our Canadian friends reduce on customs fees, we ship Fedex Express instead of Canada Ground. We've heard positive feedback from our Canadian customers once we made the switch. Plus, it ensures a quick delivery!

Please note that buyers are fully responsible for complying with their country's laws, customs regulations, taxes, and duties. Duties are estimates and vary by region. Lioness is not responsible for packages delayed or detained in customs.

Approximate shipping time: 3-8 business days (pending customs).

Expedited Canada Shipping

Contact us if you need it sooner and we can give you additional shipping options and estimates.

Varies by province and town/city — we've seen 3-5 in British Columbia, 5-8 in Ontario/Quebec.

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