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Literally *see* your own orgasm with the Lioness Vibrator | Free U.S. shipping Literally *see* your own orgasm with the Lioness Vibrator | Discrete packaging | Free U.S. shipping

A first look at aggregate sex data

It's getting hot in here...

See what time is vibe o'clock

Use the new heatmap, located in the settings tab, to see patterns in your own behavior that might be hard to capture in the moment.

Pale blue means fewer sessions, darker blue/purple means more sessions! It's getting steeeaammmyy in here...

How to find heatmap

Heatmap example

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Just swipe left with two fingers from any screen on the app and we'll respond as soon as we can! Give us comments, suggestions, or let us know if you're having any problems. We're here for you!

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Take the new tutorial

Learn all that your Lioness can do

If you've been part of the Lioness Pride for a while, you know a lot has changed! If you ever want to see the opening tutorial for Lioness again, just go to your settings tab and click on "Go through tutorial" to give yourself a little refresher. We'll give you the play-by-play!

New tutorial New tutorial 2

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