Now you can create music from your own orgasms | Lioness
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Immortalize your orgasm in a song

Von Pop Star

Von's making a new song... and she's inviting you to participate!

Who is Von?

Von is a New York City-based pop star/musician, student at the renown NYU Clive David Institute of Recorded Music, and one-woman writer, producer, performer, and sound engineer. Her hits include Action and, most recently, Too Many.

Both of these songs used sound elements created from her orgasm using the Lioness Vibrator! If you're curious to learn more about her, how she did it, and her sex positive synth pop (literal genre name — it’s great), check out the interview we just did with her here.

Orgasm music?

Yup! In an upcoming project, she's looking to incorporate sessions from a number of different orgasmic experiences—not just her own, but also from anyone who's interested in having their experience be part of the music.

How to participate

Participating is easy and optional. If you are interested, go to your Lioness App and tag the session you'd like to send to Von #vonmusic (see below for an example). She'll be receiving the sensor data from the session you've sent her in January 2019.

If you're curious to learn a bit more about her process, we interviewed her here about her latest work.

Example Von Music Submission

Want other ways to learn about what you like? The Lioness may be able to help!

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