Make Art From Your Own Orgasm Using The Lioness Vibrator | Lioness

Make your own orgasm art!

Artgasm from your phone

See your pleasure as a work of art. You can view it from the privacy of your app, save it to your phone, or share with anybody around the world.

Artgasm example 1 Artgasm example 2

How to make art

1. Go to session playback of the session you'd like to see as art.

2. Scroll to this screen where you will see "ARTGASM: Turn this into art"

3. Click on it. You'll see your beautiful masterpiece!

How to share art

If you want to share your art with someone (or the internet, we're not judging), follow these steps:

1. Click record to start recording the part of the session you'd like to save.

2. Save it as a video on your videos album on your iPhone.

How to make and share art

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