Past updates (2016) | Lioness
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Past updates (2016)

Lioness Vibrator Development

We have a bunch more updates as we were developing the Lioness Vibrator. If you're curious to check those out, here are a number of earlier updates below!

Ever wonder how vibrators are made? We’ll show you.

The difference between a rumbly and buzzy vibrator

Peek Inside a Vibrator Factory: How the Lioness Vibrator was Made

Button Panels are Super Cool: Anna’s Manufacturing Update #4

How Florida, sunblock, and pools make our vibrators better: Anna’s Manufacturing Update #5

A Design of Experiments: Anna’s Manufacturing Update #6

What do Lioness and Tesla have in common?

Creating the Lioness App: Monica and Maggie’s Update!

Lioness chugging along the conveyer belt

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