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Visit an orgasm art gallery in-person!

You're invited to:
Artgasm: An Orgasm Art Gallery
Hosted by Lioness and Pleasure Chest
Artgasm locations
Attend the launch party or visit Pleasure Chest while the gallery is open!


What is the Artgasm Gallery?

Artgasm Orgasm Art Example

Above: Example of an Artgasm artwork

The Artgasm Gallery is a collection of artwork based on data visualizations from real masturbation experiences anonymously shared by individuals who own a Lioness Vibrator. It's a new way to visualize, talk about, and celebrate the diverse ways we experience sexual pleasure.

Sound intriguing? You can visit the gallery and see it for yourself. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also choose to anonymously participate in this innovative art gallery experience.


“There’s something powerful about being able to bring together experiences of pleasure that were previously not talked about.

People often get their sex education through pornography, so Artgasm is the perfect opportunity to show real experiences of sexual pleasure, contributed by people who want to share and celebrate those experiences.

You get to own your own body and give yourselfthe permission to self-experiment and feel good about your awesome body!”

— Anna Lee, Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Lioness

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