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I Found the Best Quiet Vibrators by Measuring their Sound Levels

By Anna Lee, Co-founder and Head of Engineering of Lioness

I’ve lived with roommates for almost 10 years of my life. This means when I’m trying to have some fun solo-time, I need quiet vibrators that won't wake up my entire house and kill me of embarrassment. Finding quiet, silent vibrators are especially difficult if you’re shopping online because all you have to go by are pictures. Well, I totally know the feeling and I want to help you!

masturbating loud noise

What your roommate looks like in their room when you masturbate.

So today, I’m here to save you some trouble by testing some of the most popular vibrators’ noise levels by measuring their decibel range (sound loudness) and tell you whether your roommate has been hearing you masturbate this whole time or not.

The Vibrator Sound Experiment:

For this vibrator noise measuring experiment, I’ve placed each vibrator in the middle of of this 10ft x 11ft meeting room to simulate a small bedroom and turned each of the vibration setting strengths on maximum. I measured the decibel range using the Decibel X app from right outside the door, trying with both the door open and closed.

Measuring vibrator sound in the room - door, vibrator, ambiance

Super scientific set-up.

What are the Decibel Levels of Typical Sounds?

10 dB: breathing
20 dB: whisper
40 dB: refrigerator running
50 dB: rainfall
60 dB: conversation in coffee shop
80 dB: alarm clock
110 dB: car horn honking
120 dB: ambulance siren
140 dB: fireworks
150 dB: Jet take-off (eardrum rupture)

The Results: From Loudest to Quietest Vibrators

Note: The room without any vibrators on is 47.8dB.

Strongest Vibrator: Hitachi Magic Wand noise-level results - door open: 63 dB - door closed: 62 dB

Strongest Vibrator: Hitachi Magic Wand

Door open: 63 dB
Door close: 62 dB

  • I mean, the Magic Wand was built for its extreme vibration power and not so much for its quietness. It’s definitely audible with the door open and still quite obvious with the door closed. Hey though, since it doesn’t look phallic, maybe you could totally play it off like you’re intensely massaging your neck in your room.

Suction Clitoral Vibrator: Satisyfer Pro 2 noise-level results - door open: 63 dB - door closed: 61 dB

Suction Clitoral Vibrator: Satisyfer Pro 2

Door open: 63 dB
Door close: 61 dB

  • This suction vibrator, like the Magic Wand, was really built for intense orgasms and not really for quietness. Because it uses suction technology for clitoral stimulation, it makes a pretty loud and distinct pumping noise with or without the door closed. I still like to keep it in my arsenal of vibrators though because it’s awesome.

Rabbit Vibrator: Bombex Fantasy Impress G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator noise-level results - door open: 61.5 dB - door closed: 59 dB

Rabbit Vibrator: Bombex Fantasy Impress G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Door open: 61.5 dB
Door close: 59 dB

  • Okay, first of all, I’m slightly grossed out by how veiny and phallic this vibrator is, but it is a classic vibrator. I was so shocked to find out how LOUD and mechanical this vibrator sounds. It’s almost as loud as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but sounds more obviously like a vibrator. There’s no trying to say you’re just brushing your teeth with your electric toothbrush with this one.

Smart Vibrator: Lioness

Door open: 53 dB
Door close: 49.5 dB

  • I could hear a feint, audible hum when the door was open and I was about 10 feet away from it. However, as soon as the door was closed, I could barely hear any vibrator noises even when the office was totally silent and to hear ANY noise from the vibrator, I had to try very hard to listen for it. Any small noises like keyboard typing completely masked any noise coming from the Lioness vibrator. One matter of note is that it’s stronger than average for the noise, so if both are important to you this is a good balance (which is why we designed it the way we did, with a custom tungsten motor—and disclaimer: if, somehow, you hadn’t noticed being on our blog that we do make this one).Dame Eva II hands-free silicone clitoral vibrator noise-level results - door open: 52.5 dB - door closed: 50 dB

Hands-Free Vibrator: Dame Eva II

Door open: 52.5 dB
Door close: 50 dB

  • This vibrator is great to be used as vibrator for couples since it’s hand-free. So if you have a partner over for some fun, this is a solid vibrator that will be strong, but be minimal noise coming from your bedroom. It’s barely audible especially with the door closed and can easily be mistaken for your phone buzzing. It's a great addition for a more fun sex life.

Clitoral vibrator: Unbound Squish or the Minna Limon noise-level results - door open: 49 dB - door closed: 48 dB

Clitoral Vibrator: Unbound Squish

Door open: 49 dB
Door close: 48 dB

  • Even being right next to this vibrator while running on maximum vibration, it’s hard to hear the noise! I was actually quite surprised how extra quiet it was. So of course, when I closed the door, it was basically silent. This bullet vibrator is also a good vibration that’s deep and rumbly. P.S. It’s also known as the Minna Limon…but regardless of its name and color, this little lemon vibe is just as quiet and rumbly.

Wear your sexuality with the Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Wearable Vibrator: Crave Vesper

Door open: 48.5 dB
Door close: 47 dB

  • This is probably one of the most discreet vibrators out there both visually and audibly. I'm a fan of the Crave necklace because it is such a quiet vibrator and so easy to rock with any outfit. You won’t be able to hear it from outside or even inside your room while using it. Even Janet Jackson is a fan!


So there you have it. Some of the most popular vibrators and their noise levels. If there are other vibrators I didn’t test, The Pleasure Chest's website actually does an amazing job rating out of 5 stars every single sex toy, vibrator, and kegel ball they carry for Noise Level and Intensity under the Features and Notes section. You can check out more vibrators here.

Happy discreetly masturbating!

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