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So you want to try double penetration, but your Google searches are bringing up porn fantasies and positions that can only be achieved by world class gymnasts in outer space rather than actual advice. We can relate. 

TJ, a 35-year-old, confidently heterosexual man, felt secure in his two-year relationship with his girlfriend. But he was keeping a secret: he’d begun to experiment with anal sex, and he wanted his partner to join him.

“I had trouble asking for it at first, and still do,” said TJ, who asked to remain anonymous. “I’m trying to let go and enjoy being taken. It’s not something I’d want my friends to know, but I’m starting to care less these days.”

  • 11 min read

Taking it in the derriere is still a little taboo. However, it seems that anal sex may be on the rise! Anal sex is primarily growing in popularity with couples under age 45. A national survey from the National Health Statistics Reports found that, 36% of women and 44% of men reported that they’ve had anal sex with an opposite-sex partner.

It has been hypothesized that anal and vaginal orgasms are similar (same rhythmic pelvic floor movement, different body parts being stimulated), and with sexual exploration on the rise, it is easy to see why so many more people are keen to explore anal play.

Read on to learn tips, tricks, and what to expect if you're new to anal play!

  • 3 min read

Ah, the great, long orgasm battle between man vs woman. One of life’s greatest mysteries of understanding what the opposite sex experiences during an orgasm.

In the past 3 years working on Lioness and talking about the data of orgasms, we get a lot of questions about male vs female orgasms: “How do women orgasm?” "What does an orgasm feel like for women?" “Are orgasms better for men or women?” “Why are women’s orgasms more complicated than men’s?” “Can men use the Lioness?”

For a while, I could only refer to different scientific papers and models which gets overwhelming even for me to fully understand all the schools of thought...

  • 3 min read
That’s right, I’m writing a whole post about showing you my anal orgasm data in response to your sassy question. And even better, I’m going to show you what the anal orgasm data looks like compared to my vaginal orgasm data from the same session through double penetration.
  • 3 min read
I wouldn’t say I’m the master or a connoisseur of anal, but I do enjoy the extra stimulation every now and then when I’m in the mood. I’ve found that a great place to start is self-love with anal toys. This way, you get a better understanding of your own body’s workings and preferences that you can extend to a partner when/if you’re ready. So, for anyone interested in dabbling in anal sex and looking for a quick, beginner anal guide, welcome!
  • 3 min read

You might be here because you’re just starting to look into butt plugs or you’re a veteran butt-connoisseur looking for the next new thing.

We’ve got some how-to basics at the beginning, as well as some great recommendations for a variety of butt plugs to add to your sex toy collection...

  • 11 min read

Fun sex is safe sex. When it comes to anal sexusing butt plugs or beads (including the Lioness Smart Vibrator), or doing any sort of anal play, having a great anal lubricant on hand can make or break the experience.

We'll go over why a good lubricant is essential for fun and safe anal play, what we recommend as well as common things to avoid.

  • 15 min read

In our time developing Lioness, we’ve had a number of interested folks ask if they can use Lioness the same way they’d use a butt plug, and if so, how they would use Lioness as a butt plug. The short answer is yes! Here's how.

  • 4 min read

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