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The 5 (Free!) Erotica Sites You Need To Know About

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Last year we wrote about some of the options for “porn for women”. We go much more in-depth in the topic there, but basically, “erotica (or porn) for women” is actually pretty difficult to define, since we have a wide variety of preferences and sexual fantasies when it comes to what’s pleasurable and sexy (shocking, right?). And, of course, erotica is not just something women can enjoy — anybody can enjoy some steamy stories.

This time, we wanted to focus more on erotic fiction and gather some of the best that’s just a click away… There’s everything from short stories, lengthy novels, the largest free erotic site in the world, audiobook, sex stories by independent writers and even erotica based on fandoms. Basically, there’s something for everyone!

Without further ado, here they are!

1 — The Original Erotica Site: Literotica

If you know erotica online you probably know about Literotica already, but if you haven’t you definitely need to check them out! Literotica started in 1998 and is one of the original online erotica sites out there, as well as one of the largest ones. A good portion of their users are women, and from the vast amount of stories out there, you can tell that there is a huge variety of erotic stories for all tastes. All of their submissions are from users, so you can even contribute your own stories if you so please!

Visit Literotica here.

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2 — Support independent writers: MyErotica

MyErotica is a smaller, independently-run, and curated erotica space running on Medium’s platform. They come out with at least one new story a day, so if you want something new and curated constantly coming into your inbox, this is the one to check out.

Visit MyErotica here.

3 — British Sex Blogger: Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net is a longtime site run by a sex blogger in London who wanted to create content that she herself would also enjoy, as well as challenge the stigmas women have faced when it comes to being sexual. There is over a decade of audio porn, stories, images, and other fun stuff by her and guest contributors. I'd highly recommend checking it out and seeing if it's your jam!

Visit Girl on the Net here.

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4 — Women-centric erotica (and more): Bellesa

If you’re looking for what could be considered a more “female-centric” version of PornHub, look no further than Bellesa. They have a pretty strong collection of erotica you can peruse, as well as other forms of erotic stimulation, if that’s your thing…

Visit Bellesa here.

5 — Fanfiction/fandom erotica: Archive of Our Own

This is a non-profit site supporting fanfiction and fandom, but they also have a vast collection of erotica spanning across multiple fandoms. If you are looking for erotica about your favorite series or characters, this is your new home.

Visit Archive of Our Own’s Erotica section here.

Find your pleasure

Depending on the types of stories you like and how you prefer to fantasize, there are so many different ways to explore your pleasure. Try out some sites that sound intriguing and find your favorites!


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