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Lioness's Favorite Things (2019)

Lioness Vibrator in lights

Like Oprah's favorite things... but a little bit raunchier. ;)

At Lioness, we stumble upon all sorts of interesting things year-round, some sex-related, some not. Some are just awesome and we want to tell someone about it. So we figure during this holiday season, this is a great time to highlight some of those awesome things that you might want to give/get as a gift.


Unfettered — Macrame Art

Janis is a macrame artist who creates beautiful wall hangings, and some of those include boob wall hangers. They have been polarizing in the past with some audiences, but I have a feeling our Lioness Pride will give them some love... !

Shop here.


Emily Johnston makes beautiful body cage and harness designs using colors and materials that you wouldn't normally see from a mass producer. She also does custom work if you have a particular color or design you've been dreaming about!

Click here to shop. 

Wine (or whiskey) glass butt plug

Never imagined such a thing existed? Me neither. But if you wanted to have some very cheeky wine glasses for your New Years party... or wanted to try some acrobatic feat yourself, here's your chance!

Get one here.


Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, Ph. D.

Come As You Are

If you've had questions about sexual arousal and desire, look no further than Emily Nagoski's book. There, you will learn that our varied experiences are quite normal, our sex drives are different and can change over time, and we are not alone in our experiences and questions, even if it might feel that way sometimes because we don’t have many places to discuss sex openly. This is a really important book if you have questions or concerns about your own experiences and are looking for new contexts and tools to embrace and be your best self.

Find it here.

Cunt Coloring Book by Tee Corinne

Cunt Coloring Book

Originally created for a sex education class, this coloring book contains over three dozen detailed "cunts" to color, each very different and unique from each other.

Find it here.

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Sensation Play

Massage Oil Candles

Jimmyjane Massage candle

These clever candles are made of massage oil, so when you light them up, you can drip the warmed oil on your partner! This wax doesn’t get very hot, and some of these candles (like the one above) are designed with spouts so you can control the release of the wax.

My favorite one is from JimmyJane, who created an award-winning line of massage candles that are made of porcelain, the spout is subtly designed into the overall form factor, and the Dark Vanilla scent smells really good yet is not overpowering. If you’ve been toying with the idea of wax play, this is a good place to start. 

Get one here.

Love is Art

Love is Art Kit Black

If you want to get a little artistic with your sex, you can get this kit so you can play with (body safe) paint during a lovemaking session, and then have a Jackson Polluck-esque painting to keep afterward. No one has to know your avant-garde painting above the fireplace mantle was by you… or that you had some great sex to make it.

Get a kit here.

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Portable BDSM Bondage Board

Portable BDSM board

If I could give whoever invented this an award for sexual ingenuity, I would. It comes completely assembled and has a bunch of places where you can hook up cuffs and tie down people in a variety of different positions. Oh yes, and it’s padded. When you’re done, you can fold it up and hide it under the bed.

You can even keep some of the straps and stuff on it so it’s easy to get into the heat of things again the next time you want to use it. Last night was Bondage Saturday, Sunday morning you have your in-laws over, minimal clean up.

Get your own board here.

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Cannabis and CBD


Eaze is a one-stop shop for all things cannabis — we've taken a look at some of their products (with great results here and here). They're also refreshingly sex positive — we even did a data report with them earlier this year called Let's Toke About Sex, which you can check out here!

Their dosist line (including their cannabis line for sex) is currently at a new half price from their original pricing, a bunch of their products are at 20% off at this special link here! And if you're a new customer and something else catches your eye after the holiday sales, use code LIONESS to save 20% off your first order.

Click here to visit their Cannabis delivery menu (California and select states only).

Foria Awaken


Foria is the O.G. of all things cannabis and CBD lubes. And we've done plenty of experimenting with their products (here and here). If you're looking to dabble in some yourself, check them out here!

Click here to see their CBD line.


Meditation — Waking up by Sam Harris

Waking up app

Meditation is extraordinarily beneficial for stress, anxiety, and our overall health... and yes, that also includes pleasure! I've been using Sam Harris' Waking Up app for nearly a year now, and their variety of different classes have been helpful for getting through the most stressful of times. Best thing is, it's free to start!

Download it here.


Shoes for everybody that will get you compliments for days.

BlkSheep Empire

blksheep shoes

BlkSheep Empire was started by footwear designer Jen Webb who wanted to create comfortable statement shoes for women that weren't already on the market. Inspired by bold colors and unique materials, she makes shoes from classic flats, oxfords, and sneakers that are as beautiful as they are comfortable to wear. I get compliments on my shoes all the time!

Click here to shop.

United Nude

United Nude was started by a former architect and a seventh generation shoemaker to make shoes that take a variety of different forms, colors, and effects. No material is left out as they incorporate clear hard plastics, faux furs, velcro, and more for their lines of shoes available for all genders.


Penelopijones Clitoris Ring

If you want to excite some friends about the full structure of the clitoris on your finger, or intrigue some relatives at the dining room table this holiday season, Penelopijones has some clit-acular clitoris rings.

Click here to shop.

Vulva necklace by Anna Siivonen


If artistic renderings are more your thing, Anna Siivonen has made a variety of exciting vulva jewelry including pendants, brooches, and more.

Click here to shop.


Ticketybootique — Pet costumes

Advice Cat

If you're in the market for some ridiculous pet costumes (and honestly... who isn't?) Ticketybootique makes some of the funniest, quirkiest ones out there. Seriously, their shop is a riot and good even for browsing for laughs... and then buy ALL of the costumes.

Check out the costumes here.

Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys

Hand Solo

Are you a geek? Look no further than Geeky Sex Toys, who creates lines of sex toys for all delicacies, named and designed after popular series... Hand Solo? Pokemoan? Dickpool? Doctor Screw? Sign us up.

Click here to get Hand Solo, masturbation sleeve.

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