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5 Best Interactive Sex Toys For All Bodies

woman presenting person wearing vr headset


Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Why have an analog sex toy that just buzzes at you when you can have one that can do much more? That’s where interactive sex toys come in.

Interactive sex toys are a type of high-tech, smart sex toy that can be:

  • Remotely controlled locally or over long distances
  • Connect with other sex toys that are also interactive and change settings based on the settings of the other sex toy
  • Connect to a library of pornography and adjust settings depending on the content
  • Show your own arousal and orgasm in real time
Interactive sex toys can open a whole new world of possibilities for those who use them.

    Our 5 Favorite Interactive Sex Toys

    AI/Biofeedback: Lioness

    lioness smart vibrator and app

    Lioness is a smart sex toy developed primarily for people with vulvas (though it is safe for anal play, too).

    It includes a suite of sensors and an app that can visualize arousal and orgasm either after the fact like a sleep/health tracker (with Bluetooth only on when you’re syncing the session afterwards), or even in the moment with the Live View functionality where you can visualize your body’s responses in real time, which can be fun to play with solo or with a partner.

    It also has an AI heatmap you can use after the session so you can see peak moments of arousal and orgasm, which is especially helpful if you want to see how your experiences change over time.

    Syncs with VR: Kiiroo

    kiirooo interactive sex toys
    Picture Credit: Kiiroo

    Kiiroo is like an interactive story time, but with VR and sex toys for all bodies. They have a library of VR content that can pair with the sex toy settings so that it can feel like you’re part of the experience.

    Along with being a remote control sex toy, you can also connect your sex toy with another sex toy and have one sex toy react based on the other sex toy… you know… for partners… or maybe with yourself if you’re feeling extra spicy. 

    Syncs with Erotica: Vibease

    vibease interactive sex toys
    Picture Credit: Vibease

    If you’d prefer some audio erotica vibe-along, Vibease is a remote control vibrator that also syncs with a library of audio erotica. Similar to Kiiroo and VR porn, it can sync its settings based on different parts of a story so it can change its settings during different parts of the story — from the introduction to the climax.

    App Enabled: Realdoll & realdollx

    realdoll sex dolls

    Photo Credit: realdoll

    Realdoll takes sex dolls to the next level, on both physical and interactive levels. Each doll comes with a hefty price tag, but that's because you're paying for the closest thing to real that you can get.

    Whether you customize your doll or purchase the base model, you can expect to see real life facial expressions from a life-sized, robotic sex toy that can be posed and manipulated. The best part? The realdollx takes it to the next level where your doll can come to life — they can move their head, blink, and talk, as well as have customized personalities. There's also an app avatar that you can use by itself (think Sims, or maybe Second Life) as well as use with a hardware-enabled doll to further customize the experience. 

    Remote Control: Lovense

    lovense interactive sex toys
    Picture Credit: Lovense

    If you’re primarily interested in remote control functionality, Lovense is the main developer of remote control vibrators. They can be used for couples in long distance relationships or public play where you can use one of the wearable vibrators and operate them in public.

    You can even control vibrators on camming websites as a way to interact with your favorite adult content creators, as well as pay them for providing you entertainment and pleasure.

    Have fun with your new fancy sex toys!

    Now that you know some of the popular interactive sex toys out there, go forth and find the perfect one for you!

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