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Me, My Partner & The Lioness Vibrator

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4 ways to use the Lioness during partnered sex (including one that you may have never tried!)

By Ena Dahl

At last, I received my longed-after Lioness Vibrator in the mail and she’s been joining me on all kinds of research adventures since. I’ve always been an avid investigator by nature, but my newfriend has certainly taken things up a notch—or five!

I set out to see what we could come up with solo—just the Lioness and me—as well as howshe and my partner would get along, and in which different ways we could all play together.

The Lioness Vibrator and me

Solo and partnered sex are very different experiences for me, and I believe for most people. Alone, I tend to be more goal-oriented. I know what I like and want, and how to get there fairly fast. The hornier I am, the faster, unless I deliberately drag it out.

I’m admittedly a bit of a lazy masturbator; I don’t usually set aside a ton of time and try a variety of things unless I’m exceptionally turned on, unpartnered, or both. Instead, it’s something I do to get from A to B.

It’s been a while since I owned a rabbit vibrator, so the Lioness Vibe was a welcome addition for many reasons. Immediately I foundher easy to use and her appearance to be tasteful. The shape and size are great and not too big, which makes sense for a toy designed to be used quite frequently, whereas larger insertables require more prep and/or lube to avoid friction and potential irritation.

Again, I haven’t gotten extraordinarily creative alone with my new Lioness, yet, but have been finding it interesting to pay attention to my habits; when and how often I masturbate, and for how long. Through the visualizations in the app, I’ve been learning to decipher my arousal, build up, and orgasms.

I’m finding that my orgasms come quicker and stronger when I masturbate during the day than late in the evening. As a freelancer, I have the luxury of being able to take mid-day “research” breaks—writing about sex doesn’t really put a damper on the urge either…

Lioness meets my partner

During partnered sex, I almost always take my time and it’s more about mutual exploration, connection, and intimacy than quickly reaching climax. Obviously, we want the orgasms too, but that’s only part of it.

Partnered play has the benefit of added passion and excitement due to the element of surprise; you don’t always know what’s coming next. On your own, the fact thatyou arein control gives you the power to easily adjust to maximize pleasure.

My lover had been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the Lioness Vibrator too, and we unboxed her together like two impatient kids on Christmas, excited to see what we could come up with.

man and woman in bed black and white

Ideas for using your Lioness Vibrator with or without a partner

Let your partner use the Lioness on you

This was the first thing we did after unwrapping and charging our newfriend. I simply laid down and let him go to town, testing the different features and intensities, guiding him with my moans and movements.

The Lioness purrs gently; she’s not very loud but packs a punch when it comes to vibration; we rarely ever move beyond level two (out of three).

He’s used the Lioness both internally and externally, leaving it quite still and adding movements and thrusting to find out what works best for me.

partnered play - lioness
Session Type: Partner using Lioness on me
Length: approx 14 minutes

The orgasm took a bit longer than what is usually the case when I play solo, mostly due to all the experimenting. Instead, it was a stronger and more complex, blended orgasm to boot, also thanks to the dual stimulation from the g-spot and clitoral sensations.

Let them watch you masturbate — or do it together

Mutual masturbation can be a thrilling scenario regardless of whether you involve a sex toy. If you want, you can let it take on a dominant/submissive quality if your partner “commands” you to get off in front of them, or you “make” them watch without touching, as you hover right above them.

Regardless of how you do it, letting your lover witness your masturbation style, your movements, and expression can be super hot! When you feel uninhibited and allow yourself to let go and not give a damn, it can also feel incredibly liberating and borderline therapeutic.

mutual masturbation with the Lioness vibrator

Session Type: Mutual masturbation
Length: approx 9 minutes

Since I find this scenario so sexy, I’m so turned on from the start that I reach orgasm faster than usual. The Lioness graphs produced by the app confirmed this and showed that my contractions were exceptionally strong from the start and all the way through.

Using the Lioness for mutual masturbation allows for more variation than when just using hands, and it adds extra visual stimulation for the onlooker as well.

The Lioness Vibrator as an external clitoral vibrator during penetration

As75–80% of women never reach climax from penetration alone, adding clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex is necessary for many—and a great way to allow you and your partner to experience that coveted simultaneous orgasm.

This isn’t something to chase at all costs, but I admit that there’s something wonderful and intimate about bursting into ecstasy in unison.

Accessing your clit with your hands—or your partner’s—can be tricky, and letting a small, yet strong, bullet vibrator or a magic wand help out can allow the freedom to really tune into the sensations.

Replacing our regular clitoral vibrator options with the Lioness was effortless—and a big success. Sinceshe’s smaller than a wandshe fits snugly between two bodies for closer contact. The vibration is not as forceful, but more than strong enough, compared to the occasionally excessive wand (unless we’re playing with ‘forced orgasms” that is). Not having the cord was a benefit too and allows for more spontaneous movement.

Compared to the small bullet, the Lioness Vibrator is easier to hold on to and control, whether in your or your partner's hand.

While using the Lioness externally didn’t give a comprehensive reading of the session—the sensors are made to measure pelvic floor contractions—this combination of stimulation, penetration, and clitoral vibrations produced the strongest orgasms for me.

Use the Lioness vaginally during anal sex

Anal isn’t everyone’sthing and double penetration especially is an acquired taste, but if you’re into it and like the extra filled feeling, this is definitely somewhere where the Lioness Vibrator comes inhandy.

The benefit of a softer silicone dildo as opposed to a vibrator, in this case, is that it is more flexible if you need to move around. The flatter end also makes certain positions easier, whereas the end/handle of the Lioness can get in the way, especially if you’re in doggy-style.

On the contrary, and for the same reason, it works well when you lay on your back, and the Lioness is easier to maneuver in and out, in concert with the thrusts of your partner. Its vibration and the fact that it also stimulates the clit provides the full spectrum of stimulation to produce a powerful mixed orgasm.

Our journey so far

It’s only been a few weeks, and the Lioness Vibrator has already proven to be a versatile and trustworthy play partner—both with and without my lover.She’s shown me things about myself through visualizations that I only sensed but couldn’t put my finger on.

The Lioness is absolutely a keeper and I look forward to conducting further experiments as we get even better acquainted and I gain a more comprehensive understanding of the science.


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