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Foreplay for busy people living in 2023

couple flirting in a kitchen by ketut subiyanto on pexels
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto


If you’re still considering fingering and blow jobs as your only forms of foreplay, it’s time to get with the times! It’s 2023, baby, and foreplay is everything you do before sex. (And sex is everything you do that brings you pleasure.) 

But figuring out how to give your special someone that tingle can be daunting between work and other life obligations. If you’re here and they are there and your paths don’t cross…what’s a person to do?

Here are three ways you can get things going before it’s time to hit the sack.

1 - Sexting, duh!

Modern technology keeps us all connected in so many ways. Saying “there’s an app for that” isn’t even funny anymore. It’s just true! We’ve got apps for sharing with friends, for staying in touch with co-workers, and even apps for preventing us from accessing all those apps.

Forget doomscrolling on your lunch break, send your lover a spicy text instead! If you’re not comfortable with snapping a quick nude in the bathroom, consider something playful like “If you can guess what color panties I’m wearing, I’ll let you take them off me with your teeth later,” or something spicier by telling your partner exactly what you want to do with them later in the evening.

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Letting someone know how much you can’t wait to be off work and on top of them is a great form of foreplay — and you can do it from anywhere! For more tips check out how to sext here.

2 - Slip a sexy memento in their bag.

Word of warning, you’ll need to tread carefully with this one! If your partner has a bag they have to open in front of or share with other people, this may not be the best option.

That said, if you’re packing your lover’s lunch or can get to their jacket pocket before they leave, slipping a sexy memento they’re bound to find is a great form of foreplay. Some options are:

  • Panties (worn or not is up to you!)
  • A sexy polaroid/instant print photo
  • A condom with a sexy note attached

Not sure how your partner feels about finding something suggestive in their stuff? Incorporate it into your next Yes, No, Maybe discussion and find out. 

3 - Check something off their to-do list.

Is your loved one always on the go? Are moments where they’re not thinking of what has to get done next rare to come by? Are they responsible for other people and themselves?

Checking something off their to-do list is a great way to say I’m thinking about you and really want to spend time with you. This is an excellent option if your partner is a parent or caretaker too! Just make sure you do it how they would want it done and present it in a sexy way. Saying, “I did this so we can have sex” is so not cool. Instead, opt for something like, “Hey, I really want you to be able to enjoy our time together later so I [did this thing].”

What is foreplay, if not intimacy preserving?

The secret to great foreplay lies in knowing that it doesn't have to happen when you're in the bedroom. Great foreplay is everything that happens before sex...and that includes how you connect with your partner throughout your normal, everyday routines.

When life gets busy, don't fall into the trap of waiting to light the spark until your day is done. By incorporating foreplay into your everyday life, sex becomes the cherry on top of your day, not another chore to add to your list.

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