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Lioness versus Researcher

Women in flash light

(hint: Lioness wins)

By Dr. Natasha Aduloju-Ajijola PhD, MPH

[[ Lioness Editor Note: We're introducing stories shared by members of the Lioness Pride — people who own the Lioness Vibrator — as a space for people to share their experiences, get a broader perspective of pleasure, and learn how people use Lioness in their everyday lives. ]]

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done any type of blogging so I forget how to really begin. So I guess I’ll begin with who am I. I am a sexual health researcher, so basically I get to talk about sex all day without people thinking I’m a (complete) weirdo. I’m also a woman who has stresses, frustrations, good days, bad days, and a sex drive. I use the Lioness in many different aspects of my life and I’m so excited to share my experiences.

My process

The first time I used the Lioness, I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but my experience was so much more than what I thought it would be. I have workaholic tenancies, so I get tired and do not always feel like putting energy into masturbating. I’ll do a mini cost benefit analysis of the energy it will take to get out of bed and the amount of pleasure I expect to get. Before, I would just roll onto a bullet, with underwear and everything still on, have a quick orgasm, and go to sleep. Basically, I was using masturbating as a way to fall asleep quicker rather than a way to actually have any type of pleasure in my life.

Example of orgasm data — the circle and chart represent the pelvic floor movements involved in arousal and orgasm

Above: Example of orgasm data — the circle and chart represent the pelvic floor movements involved in arousal and orgasm

Since I’m a researcher, I’m ALL about the data. It’s actually one of the things that attracted me to Lioness, I love that I have the ability to better understand my sexuality in the same ways I use my fitbit to track my sleep, exercise, and resting heart rate. So the first day I got my Lioness in the mail, I decided that I needed to collect some amazing data.

Woman in bliss

"I thought I was having a seizure because my orgasms were so intense."

For the first time in a while, I decided to put energy into seducing myself. I took a hot shower, used the satin bed sheets, tried to find a non-irritating porn, and really worked on setting the mood.

Well... the mood setting worked. I was super excited and ready when I began to actually use the Lioness, my first orgasm took me completely off guard. Because I knew I was collecting data, I really pushed myself to collect someamazing data. Apparently, I have voyeuristic tenancies. But let me tell you, at one point I thought I was having a seizure because my orgasms were so intense. I have never had orgasms that intense in my life — and I have a lot of experience with orgasms.

Orgasmic fireworks

Since that first time using the Lioness, I have spent a lot of time looking at my data and trying to make sense of it. My pattern did not really match the other patterns that we have seen with the Lioness- my orgasm pattern oscillates between high pressure and low pressure very rapidly. It made me remember when I took a class in human sexuality back in undergrad and we had to draw our orgasm- I drew a lot of fireworks.

Session Analysis - data showing another orgasm pattern from the Lioness Smart Vibrator app   Session Analysis - data showing an orgasm pattern from the Lioness Smart Vibrator app

Above: Two examples of my own sessions — see the rapid oscillation throughout?

The fireworks were different colors, sizes, and scents (I used scents and regular markers). My pattern of fireworks, matched well with how I drew my orgasm all those years ago. Now using the data, I am able to understand what is happening when it feels like my orgasm “slips away”, or how my stress affects both my pattern and orgasm awareness… but those are blog posts for another day. :)


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